KillBiller is service that scans your phone’s calls, texts and data usage to determine how much of each you really use and then recommends price plans based on those findings.

Each year, Irish people waste millions of euro overspending on mobile phone subscriptions. The National Consumer Agency estimate that on average people save €288 per year when they change mobile phone plans, yet only 9% of Irish people switch provider each year.

The KillBiller application, which we featured here when it launched on Android, aims to eliminate the confusion caused by the myriad price plans available to consumers, by analysing subscribers usage and recommending the mobile phone plans that will save them the most money.

KillBiller has now launched on iPhone which means the 39% of smartphone users in Ireland who carry an Apple device can now also avail of the potential saving on offer.

How much can people save?
The average savings for users are over €20 per month, or between €200 and €300 per year.

Currently the application supports all bill pay plans, but prepay plans will be added shortly. For more information about the app go to

You can download the KillBiller app form the Google Play Store here and for iOS devices from this link.

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