Twitter Tips from @Tweetinggoddess

Get more active on Twitter – Start engaging on Twitter chats and relevant hashtags to your industry. Get on Twitter live and start talking to your audience. Show them what is going on behind the scenes. Be authentic and show your human side. People buy from people remember.

If you are not using video yet ….start doing it! Live streaming is getting bigger and bigger so get used to talking to the camera or your phone!

Ask questions with Twitter polls and start writing great content based on the results of those polls. Drive traffic to your site by using more graphics and photos in your tweets. Get rid of automated dms and unlink your Facebook going to Twitter (please) Twitter users don’t like to click on Facebook links.  Assist others this year. When was the last time you did a RT for someone? When was the last time you went in to your followers to see what they were up to?

Twitter is ALL about building relationships. Build the relationships online on twitter then take them to dm, skype call of offline in real life one to one.

Use a pinned tweet for your most popular tweet or blog post. Check your Twitter analytics and see what tweets have been the most popular so far? What works and what doesn’t? Start using Twitter lists to fine tune your experience. Most of all, start engaging, stop getting involved in controversy and start assisting others. You will notice a big change in your results.

Facebook Tips from Marie Collins Digipulse Marketing

Start using Facebook Live and start engaging with your audience more. Show them behind the scenes footage and give special offers that ‘will run out at midnight’. One of the things I’m most excited about in Facebook Ads is the arrival of Facebook Page Engagement Audiences. Say what? Ok. You’ll want to serve your Facebook Ads preferably to those who have bought from you in the past or those who are familiar with your business in some way. This is a warm audience.

The new Facebook Page Engagement Audiences are super-appropriate for those who only have a Facebook Page to do the heavy lifting for their marketing or for those who have a low trafficked website. It’s just perfect for small businesses.

A Page Engagement Audience is just that. It’s an audience of those who engaged with your page in some way. Remember that those who come to your page may never have liked it or that someone who liked a post of yours may never have liked the page. These are the people you will be able to target.

The new functionality has already rolled out to some Ad Accounts so watch out for it coming to yours. To create one of these audiences in the Ads Manager, navigate to Create Audience > Custom Audience > Engagement on Facebook > Page.

You can build an audience or audiences of those who engaged with your Facebook Page up to 365 days in the past. Nice!

Linkedin tips from Melanie Boylan –

The biggest change you can make for linkedin for 2017 is updating your profile with current information and photo AND posting articles through it. Start as you mean to go on! When you post Articles through linkedin you reach all of your connections and when they don’t see it they get notifications by email sent to their inbox.  The important thing is to make sure you always include a call to action.

Snapchat tips from Michelle Duffy Rudden of Breffni Digital

If you’re late to the party and have no Snapchat following, you’ll need to team up with those who do. You can collaborate with them, have them do an account takeover or simply leverage their audience by reviewing or giving away your product/service. All those collaborations should state honestly if money is changing hands. Make sure the influencer in question is the right fit for your brand and ask for screenshots of views so they know you mean business!

Instagram Tips from Michelle Duffy Rudden of Breffni Digital

Instagram is essential to business in 2017. In organic content, it’s a great platform to show the personality of your brand. Customers are comfortable there and embracing hashtag culture will lead to awesome engagement rates. And in terms of paid social, you can integrate it into your Facebook ad strategy now and see a real ROI on the time and money spent on the “beautiful platform” Add in the new features of stories, messaging and live streaming and it is going to become the all-in-one social platform for consumers and publishers alike. 2017 will bring a new e-commerce feature where products in images will have links to buy through Instagram, so my advice is get in now and start building before your competitors beat you to it!

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