Speaking at the RebelBio Demo Day in London, Emer O’Shea of Khonsu Therapeutics noted that although “short-term inflammation (acute) can oftentimes have a positive effect as it promotes healing, chronic inflammation can cause severe damage and is the basis for many diseases like multiple sclerosis, colitis, and arthritis. 6% of the world is affected by a disease where the root cause is inflammation”

Around 20,000 people in Ireland suffer from inflammatory related conditions such as colitis and Crohn’s Disease.

“Inflammation is the body’s normal response to infection, chemical exposure and damage” and Khonsu Therpaurtics are developing a drug to tackle the issue.

The biologic drug they have created is from a family of native proteins that are found during pregnancy – a positive note for the drug’s safety profile.

“our drug could be considered like the class of Anti-TNF? monoclonal antibodies, a $30 billion market, but ours pockets the win”

“Those drugs (Treg Cells, IL-10, Macrophange & Microglia) have one target, whereas ours not only hits the anti-inflammatory pathway but also inducing this crucial pro-repair response. Pro-repair… anti-damage.”

Khonsu Therapeutics will initially focus on developing a product for the equine market as the protein is also conserved in baby foals and will create value by “treating lameness and arthritis due to inflammation in horses”

The company aims to get the product to market and through FDA approval in two years’ time.

“we’ve successfully completed animal models of neuro information, filed a provisional patent and are partnering with veterinary schools and industry experts to bring our product into horses”.

Khonsu Therapeutics are seeking €500,000 in investment which eventually be redirected back into their human therapeutics.

(Breakdown: €200,000 to scale their protein manufacturing, €160,000 to conduct animal pre-clinical safety assessments, and €140,000 for staffing)

“We are developing a biologic derived from nature that has been evolving for over 100 million years to treat chronic inflammation in patients and horses”

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