Kantar Media has launched MP+ which is a media intelligence platform that integrates social and mainstream media in a single timeline.

MP+ helps PR, Marketing and Communications professionals to track and analyse their media reputation more easily. Users can view press, broadcast, online news and real-time social media coverage, side-by-side in a single timeline.
MP+ also provides users with analytics and workflow tools, allowing them to gauge media impact and audience engagement levels.

Kevin Fagan, Managing Director of Kantar Media said, “We noticed that as news stories spread across more channels, getting a full picture of a brand’s media impact was becoming more and more laborious and costly for clients. Monitoring and analysis were spread across different platforms which made extracting results a time consuming, complex process. We think it’s time that changed.”

“As the lines between social and mainstream media become even more blurred, it’s vital to understand the relationship between them and how that impacts the brand you represent. MP+ makes it easy to track a campaign as it moves between social and traditional media, and back again.”

More information on MP+ is available on Kantar Media’s website www.kmni.ie

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