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Cancer, if it was a form of technology it would be Quantum computing, there are many, many super smart people working on a solution, huge amounts of money is being constantly invested, but it’s frustratingly not as fast as we would like to get there, in either case. So nobody knows when, but we all hope we get there, The irony being that I have no doubt when Qubit’s are at a level that creates full Quantum computing, treatments and cures for diseases like Cancer will be easier than ever before to create.

In order to develop an effective drug, chemists need to evaluate the data of interactions between molecules, proteins and chemicals to see if medicines will improve certain conditions or cure diseases. Due to the extraordinary amount of combinations that are analysed, this is time and labor intensive. Quantum computing’s power would allow for a person’s genes to be sequenced and analysed much more rapidly than the methods we use today and would allow for personalised drug development and hopefully cures.

But this is 2018, Quantum is not here yet and speaking of data and tech,
Cheri Davies, who is FoodTech Unicorn JUST EAT’s Data Research and Acquisition Manager, and has been a long term data wiz at JUST EAT needs urgent cancer treatment.

Our readers will know just how I am very proud of my own 4 years at JUST EAT, which didn’t overlap with Cheri’s tenure, so she and I haven’t actually met in person. However earlier this afternoon a mutual friend at JUST EAT reached out and said “Henry you have a huge following on social media, please can you help us raise awareness of Cheri’s urgent fundraise for critical cancer treatment which could literally save her life!”

I still view myself as extended family at JUST EAT so of course I was more than happy to do what I can to help, especially as only a few months ago I lost a friend to cancer Ronald Gruia, Toronto based Director of emerging telecoms at Frost & Sullivan who was a talented, globally recognised, lovely man and like Cheri, Ronald has young children and was also trying to raise money for Cancer treatment, sadly he only got to 50% of his target, time ran out and his children lost their Hero, their Daddy 🙁

Let’s not let this happen to Cheri’s daughter…..

I need YOUR help

Now I get to the chase…. Irish Tech News has 650k monthly uniques across our various platforms, I need as many of you as can to go on to twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and any other platform you have and share Cheri’s fundraising page.

Also, those of you who can afford to make a financial contribution, please, please do so, no matter how small, every penny counts and will have impact.

I have already done this and got many of my eclectic bunch of friends to share and support, with many of well known Various Professional athletes, Musicians, Olympians, DJ’s, CEO’s, CTO’s, Founders, Investors, Tech and Tabloid Journalists (I have lived a colourful life lol) and many other super kind people to boot all helping a talented lady that who like myself do not know Cheri personally, so, if they can take a few minutes out of their hectic schedules to do so, then so can you!

So PLEASE let’s all do what we can individually, to collectively help Ceri get to her target, receive her treatment and hopefully save her life!

Also, if you simply want to share quickly, just RT this tweet here or below

And of course, it goes without saying please share this article.

Help Cheri <3

Thank you! 🙂

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