When the time of floppy disks, fax machines and CDs came to an end, we happily embraced better, more functional alternatives.
So why do we still have CVs? It’s time to think beyond the CV: it’s 2016 and we have evolved.

This week, our friends over at Jobbio have launched a CV Scrappage Scheme which means no more missed opportunities and no more unfulfilled careers.
They are dedicating two full weeks to gathering everyone’s CV at [email protected] and let people finally squash it, zap it, toast it!

Once the CV is received, Jobbio will transform it into a fully functional, ready built online Bio opening the doors into a world of brilliant careers and fulfilled dreams! “We feel really passionate about finally stomping out CV’s. Effective hiring needs to ensure that Talent and companies are directly connected, in private, with up to date information on both sides, so there are no more missed career opportunities,” says the newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer, Grace Looney.

What makes a Bio different from the CV?

A Bio on Jobbio allows the Talent to easily showcase their experience and skills in total privacy. In addition, it provides tools to include projects, web links, portfolios and video so everyone can really come out from behind the CV. It is simple to create and doesn’t require any IT knowledge. The Bio is ‘live’, which means the companies the Talent are connecting to, will always be looking at their most recent experiences.

For Talent, their bio gives them direct access to all of the current job opportunities on Jobbio from companies like Uber, Deliveroo, Nielsen, Airbnb, Young’s Pub group (UK), Brewdog (UK), Claridge’s Hotel (UK), Yelp and Etsy (Ireland and US) and over 2,500 others, throughout their whole career. For companies, it is a forward thinking way of hiring – they can create their own live talent pools to deliver the right people.

To complete your bio and ditch the CV, head on over to Jobbio on this link and be sure to check out all the latest Tech vacancies in our newly launched Jobs section.

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