Reports are coming in that parts of Europe are starting to see the official update appear in Kies. Samsung had said lately that it would start rolling out in October but they have obviously hit go a little early. The official version has leaked already and is starting to appear on websites available for download and flashing now, if you have a rooted device.

This update is for unbranded phones, so if you bought one from a mobile network, you’ll have to get in contact with them to see when they plan releasing it (don’t hold your breath!)

It is impressive that Samsung have got this update released in this timeframe. Too often we are nearly at a new version of Android before the previous one has rolled out to all devices. That is still the case now with Ice Cream Sandwich as many devices are still waiting.

I have been running Jellybean on a SGSIII now for about two months and while there are some elements I’m not impressed with, it is incredibly smooth and feels very refined to use.

We’ll have a full review of it up shortly. There is no sign of the official one appearing here yet but I’m sure it will roll out in stages like all updates before it. Let us know if you start seeing it appear for you.



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