By @SimonCocking

In many ways January is often a month to forget, one more cold month to endure before getting a little closer to spring again. Fortunately we were still able to bring you some great insights and perspectives on the burgeoning tech scene, both in Ireland and beyond. Here is the chance to catch up, or reread some articles you may have missed over the last month.

In strictly chronological order only.

1) The ever informative and entertaining Jennifer Arcuri, parts 1 and 2.

2) Zack Gallagher, Irish Food Guide, how to succeed on social media

3) Anthony Quigley, Digital Marketing Institute founder, startup advice

4) WP Applied, Thurday 8th Business Showcase

5) Leonora O’Brien, award winning Pharmapod female founder, startup tips

6) Pendulum Summit, business meets new age tech attitudes

7) Eamon O’Hara using tech to work remotely from France

8) Tinggly, Thursday 15th Business Showcase

9) Alltech Brews, tech & social media

10) John Rowan Engine Lab Software, Thursday 22nd Business Showcase,

11) Aine Rynne, Sober Sessions, startup tips.

12) Nail that pitch with Ed Fidgeon Kavanagh, Startupslides 

13) Business showcase piece on Data Driven Marketing Alliance, January 29th

14) Review of Digital Hub in 2014


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