By Reuben Godfrey. Great interview with  Emily Mattos Taking on an exciting challenge and building the @BettsRecruiting brand in Europe. Traveler, reader & technology enthusiast!

The growth of the tech sector in Ireland looks set to continue..With such high-demand already for skilled, experienced and, often, multilingual sales staff, partnering with specialist recruitment consultancies is increasingly important when sourcing the right people to join your organisation.

The final interview in the series (see also Patricia Tompkins-DuChene of Wrike and Giulia Casalini from Citrix) gets the view from Emily Mattos, managing director of Betts Recruitment, Europe. Betts are speciaists at sourcing revenue generating talent for the tech industry and partner with the tech giants and start-ups alike.

As a women, how important is it for you to see more women in sales roles?

It’s incredibly important for me to see more women entering the sales world, especially in tech. When I started with Betts Recruiting in San Francisco four years ago, the startup space was a male-dominated industry and was more than a little intimidating to enter. I am beyond happy that I decided upon this career path. It has taken me from a young, inexperienced sales person to running my company’s European sales presence and a stellar team. As the technology scene has grown both in the US and in Europe, I see bright and motivated women entering the sales world and seeing fast success. I want this to continue!

Why, do you feel, are there so few women in sales roles in technology? Will this/should this change?

The truth of it is, sales has evolved. Orla Moran, a big player in the Dublin tech scene that I respect tremendously, runs a wildly successful sales team. She says that sales is no longer B2B or B2C. It’s ‘H2H’ or Human to Human. To me, this means that being successful in this career today comes down to an individual’s ability to relate, communicate, and build lasting relationships. This combined with someone (male or female) who won’t crumble when things don’t go as planned, is going to see success. These qualities are visible in so many of the women I know and meet.

Risk is often cited as a reason we see more men in sales.. How can new technologies help remove the risk associated with a career in sales?

It’s interesting that we say a career in sales is risky. Yes, a portion of our income (typically half) is not guaranteed, meaning we have to hit targets to see that money. For me at least, it is comforting knowing that I am in control of my own destiny. I can make as much as I want, as long as I’m willing to do the work to get there. There is no single person that decides to give me, or not to give me, the money I earn. If I want it, I can make it. To me that’s the opposite of risk – that’s motivation.

What is your organisation doing to address gender imbalance? What are you doing personally?

As a female founded and led organization, we’re at the forefront of showing what a woman in sales can accomplish. Carolyn Betts, CEO of Betts Recruiting, has shown me and countless other women that we can take our careers just as far as we want to. The beauty of this is that we don’t have to be classified as “women in tech sales, or women in recruiting,” we’re just in it, like men, seeing just as much success. We work hard to be the type of organization that allows people, female and male, to grow successful careers, whether it’s with Betts Recruiting or one of the amazing companies that we partner with.

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