By @SimonCocking. Interesting interview with  Luis Sanz IASP Director General-CEO @IASPnetwork. WAINOVA World coordinator. Writer / Novelist / Journalist. See more about the Skolkovo Moscow event, September 17th – 23rd here.

What is your background briefly

My studies have always been in the fields of what you can call humanities: literature, linguistics, philology and sociology. To these you can add areas such as philosophy and history which are also among my intellectual passions and about which I read quite a lot.

But alongside these, I have always had an interest in international relations in a two-fold dimension: among people, but also among organisations and institutions.

Understanding how such relations between people and institutions coming from such different cultural backgrounds work, which are the most efficient mechanisms for that to happen, how can one organise them in a win-win way, how much of your own ideas and beliefs you should be ready to sacrifice under the assumption that others have their own ideas and beliefs which they consider as valid as yours: all these questions and more have always fascinated me.

Add to this the fact that I’m also interested in business and I have been an entrepreneur and a businessman in different periods of my life… putting together all these interests has brought me to managing a really broad and global international network which deals with innovation, technology and knowledge. To me it makes a lot of sense.

What will this conference be about?

Since its inception, the concept of STP has always been dynamic and in constant evolution, but as we know evolution, just like innovation, is not necessarily linear. At certain moments, it accelerates dramatically and in others it slows down as if to recover momentum. As far as I can see, we are now in phase of strong acceleration where the entire concept is put under scrutiny. As a result, new ideas are boiling in our cauldrons and new models are being cooked and seasoned.

Intellectually speaking, they are most challenging and appealing, new concepts of spaces for people to work and live in are being thought of. And all this happens in a world where the overwhelming presence of both he local and the global levels is operating, interacting, and becoming increasingly intertwined but this interaction is still far from smooth and easy; the tensions are there and we are still trying to figure out how to blend them in a way that can give us the best of both worlds. One of the concepts that we have to understand and deal with is if next to global economics, we can also talk of a global culture being bred. Is there some form of global intelligence or even more, a global mind, going on out there? These things are the ones we expect to discuss in Moscow.

Why will it be a good event to attend?

It will be highly international, we will discuss a most thrilling topic, it’s in Moscow where you can enjoy caviar and blinis and breathe the unique and fertile opposition between Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. Who can offer more?

What tech trends are you excited about at this moment?

As I said, I’m not exactly a technician but rather a humanist who coordinates technicians and managers, but on a personal level I think that nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and new materials, which lead to amazing things such as 3D printing, are going to mean another revolution whose enormous consequences we cannot even begin to fathom.

Anything else we should have asked you?

Sure! I’m also a novelist and happy to say that my novels are being increasingly liked and read, so do not hesitate to look for Sanz Irles and find out more. And since you’re from Ireland, I can tell you that I must be perhaps the only Spaniard who has read Ulysses more than 6 times, including a couple of editions in English and translations to several languages. For a novelist, the problem of reading Ulysses is that it makes you wonder why you should keep writing novels.

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