By @TheMarkDalton.

Last Friday a new social network took the digital world by storm as we were introduced to Peach. Peach is a messaging app created by Vine founder Dom Hoffmann. So does Peach have a chance at becoming another big social network? Or have we reached the stage where we say, “come on, do we really need another social network app to communicate?”

Peach is a mobile app that does what every other social media app on the market does. Message friends with text, photos and GIFs. One thing that they have got right with Peach is that people can’t seem to get enough of apps like this.

Peach is a combination of our favourite existing social media platforms. It has elements of Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook while looking a bit like Slack. You can’t send private messages however you can post statuses, share photos, locations or blow a kiss.

The app seems to have mastered simplicity and stupidity. I mean really, how many more ways do you want to communicate with people or share a status at this point?

Its always fun to explore a new platform and Peach has made the process as easy as possible. You can use “magic words” and type things such as “GIF” which allows you to then search and select a GIF to use. However it has only launched and there is a problem with the social network new to the scene.

Numerous “celebrity” accounts have popped up as there is no restriction on usernames and we all want to pretend to be famous. So far Taylor Swift, Tim Cook and Tila Tequila have all found their way onto the app. Of course we can assure you that these are not real celebrity accounts.

Peach hit peak last Friday when the app started crashing due to high volumes of traffic to the service. It is hard to tell if this is just a quick flash or if it will stick. Personally, I don’t see the need to have another app that does the same things that hundreds of other apps already do.

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