It’s no secret HTC is in a lot of trouble. Even with sales of it’s flagship HTC One doing well, previous poor decisions are starting to cripple the company and with resources dwindling, it is lacking the firepower to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

As we have seen recently with Nokia and more so BlackBerry, once the rot starts to set in, coupled with a loss in belief from consumers and the markets it is an uphill struggle to survive.

Of late, HTC couldn’t be accused of the same lack of innovation that caused the above mentioned companies to end up in the predicament they are, with the successful One, One Mini and upcoming One Max launches, but the endless updates of very, very similar phones in the past with a then clunky Sense overlay has caught up with them now.

While reports of the death of HTC might be greatly exaggerated, Vultures circle around dying animals and the Internet loves nothing more than a good rumour to keeps things ticking along. To that end the Internet was full of rumours today of a possible bid for HTC from Lenovo. The Chinese company has been making steady in roads into the personal computer market after buying IBM’s slice of it off them in 2005 and while not an everyday name in this part of the world for Smartphones, it does have a big presence in it’s domestic market.

While all rumours like this need to be treated with a pinch of salt, it may turn out to be one of the better options for HTC if it turns out to be true. They need money fast and at the moment, all they are doing is hemorrhaging it.

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