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In a fun packed episode, David is joined by regular guest Ghela Boskovich, alongside Edward Maslaveckas, Jeff Tijssen and Gabrielle Inzirillo, who made her Fintech Insider debut, having only just stepped off the Eurostar from Paris.

The team discuss whether or not cash transactions are dying out in the UK thanks to the convenience of contactless payments – (1/3 of all card transactions are now contactless) – and the UK’s reduction in reliance on credit cards overall. Conversely, on the other side of the pond the US are now “hooked on credit”, is this the result of glamorous loyalty programmes or poor financial education?

They also debate whether or not the UK cares about challenger banks; what the implications are of Stripe going after the Chinese market with integration of Alipay; US’s reluctance to adopt APIs; Revolut’s move to take on the Asian market following major investment; and how freaked out you’d be if your ATM started sending you handwritten messages, along with much more.


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