Irish Yapping, the Irish community social network, has partnered with Inter Bar, an international online directory of bars, to provide a shared digital platform for Irish people and Irish Bars across the world – and those that frequent them.

Irish Yapping offers Irish people, and Irish loving people, the opportunity to tune into all things Irish on a domestic and international scale. The free app, available on both IOS and Android, uses geofenced technology to provide a local network that combines the online and offline. It also allows people to connect on an international level bonded over a shared desire to share common Irish themes.

Inter Bar is an online digital platform that connects bars across the world. It allows bar owners to showcase their establishments to customers; highlighting special events, promotional discounts and using photographs and videos as well as customer testimonials. There is also the function whereby bars are link with similar bars across the world, sharing customers or just enjoying peer to peer advice and conversation.

Inter Bar Front end Photo

Davy Willoughby, CEO of Irish Yapping, welcomes the partnership.

‘Irish Yapping allows the bars to reach their customers, sharing content and location on the fly. If an Irish Yapper is travelling and wants to find a bar worth visiting, then they can search for recommendations from fellow yappers – it’s better than random online reviews.

‘It can also be fun if more than one Yapper is in the same establishment – new friends and connections can be made,’ says Willoughby.

Charles Foran, managing director of Inter Bar, concurs. ‘There is a great synergy in our two offerings and since the Irish tend to boast no more than two degrees of separation, I am sure there will be a lot of connections made – especially in an international sphere.

‘Irish Yapping is going to put the Yap into Irish bars.’

Inter Bar is a free digital platform for bar owners and managers. To upload your bar, visit or email Charles on [email protected]

Irish Yapping is a free app for anyone interested in Ireland and the Irish. To download your free app, visit or visit the Apple or Google store.

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