An evening exploring Artificial Intelligence at the Irish Writers Centre with writer, Mark O’Connell and technology evangelist, Claire Dillon

‘AI is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity.’ Stephen Hawking

The Irish Writers Centre has launched a new events-based series entitled Proposition which aims to welcome socially relevant and thought-provoking topics to be discussed as a way to inspire writers and other artists in their artistic endeavours. The first in the series will see the author of To Be a Machine, Mark O’Connell in conversation with self-professed technology evangelist, Claire Dillon discussing the onset and implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in society today and the future to come.

At present, world governments along with private enterprise are spending billions on AI. It has become so widespread in its use and application that not one person on the planet is excluded from its reach. Are we sleepwalking into a future and a set of situations that will become too advanced to change or call to a halt? Should we be concerned? Or should we embrace the inevitability of AI as a ubiquitous technology? These are some areas that Clare Dillon and Mark O’Connell will be discussing along with contributions from writers Mia Gallagher and Dr Vincent Kenny, chaired by writer Dermot Davis.

Proposition: Should we fear the Algorithm? Exploring Artificial Intelligence

Date: Wed 1 May 2019 Time: 7-9pm

Tickets: €10 (€8 Members / Concession) available at

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