pTools, an enterprise web content management solutions and applications software development company have announced they will be rolling out mobile-first remote monitoring and management technology (pTools – Pulseway) into its workforce and as part of their offering to their clients. The technology comes from Pulseway, a mobile-first, cloud-first IT management software provider.
“We are rigorously working with partners and clients worldwide to deliver outstanding results across technologies and platforms,” said Keith Wood, CEO at pTools Software. “pTools -Pulseway enables us to further empower clients and solution managers with real-time mobile monitoring of infrastructure and software deployments designed to guarantee performance and service delivery.”
Pulseway’s solution is currently being utilized by over 3,500 businesses worldwide. A study with GetApp, a Gartner company that helps businesses find IT management software found that over 90% of businesses said mobile apps are important to the running of their organisations.

This trend of growing demand for mobility within enterprise software has seen Pulseway grow exponentially over the last 2 years.
“There is a growing need for system administrators and IT managers to be able to do their job on the go,” said Marius Mihalec, Founder and CEO of Pulseway. “Pulseway enables its users to resolve critical IT issues immediately straight from their mobile device, helping them reduce on site visits and improve overall uptime. Imagine you are at dinner and you receive an alert that one of your IIS servers is not responding to requests. You simply pick up your mobile phone, open the Pulseway app, tap the system and restore your service in under one minute.”
pTools-Pulseway will support all enterprise level pTools SaaS deployments and will be rolled out to pTools client systems administrators and pTools WCM solutions administrators as part of an overall redefinition of cloud services delivery. 

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