It’s time to unlock the potential in your own backyard – literally. Fillit, a Dublin based start-up, introduces a new online platform that instantly connects people with spaces. caters to those looking for temporary spaces for events, pop-ups, shared retail and office, hot desks, promotions, commercials, markets and everything else in-between.

Pronounced FILL-IT, the site encourages people to think outside the box when it comes to rent-able space. Anything from a beautiful garden, to a warehouse or small shelf in a café can be listed, providing limitless possibilities for individuals looking to launch a new business idea, start a market, teach a class, showcase their art or just throw a party.

“Ireland is full of unused or underused spaces that people don’t realise have potential, or they don’t have the resources to promote it,” says John Carroll, CEO and Founder. “Meanwhile, there are thousands of people searching for these types of spaces daily, both here and abroad. Fillit solves the problem by connecting them and providing the tools to both manage and book a space online.”

Currently in beta, Fillit’s official media launch is scheduled for July 14th. However, the website is live and has already seen an overwhelming response with hundreds of spaces listed and more being added daily.

How it works

‘Landlords’ create a listing by uploading pictures of the space and filling in details (like size, location, amenities, availability, cancellation policy and price). ‘Tenants’ search for spaces using filters and submit a simple ‘pitch’ through the site outlining their plans and details. The landlord will have 48 hours to review the offer and accept it, decline it or request additional information. Payment is processed securely through Stripe and once complete the landlord’s calendar is automatically updated. Integrated messaging allows both parties to communicate directly through the site so arrangements can be fine tuned.

Stay tuned for an interview with Fillit in an upcoming edition of our Podcast.

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