Expertise Direct has today announced the launch of their platform which is aimed at supporting consumers to access a global community of experts with just a few clicks. The platform also enables experts to take their traditional business online and access consumers globally. Experts have the ability to set their own hourly rates, decide when, where and with whom they wish to work and with no registration and no monthly membership costs – Expertise Direct has a no consultation, no fee philosophy.

The idea stems from the experience of two of the founders, Brendan and Timothy, travelling 100 miles for a 15-minute meeting in 2015. Determined to find a more efficient, convenient and reliable manner in which to conduct business, plans were put in place to create a platform that would centralise the world’s expertise, allowing consumers to get Expert advice from anywhere in the world, without the need to travel. Two years later, Expertise Direct is now enabling traditional professions to join the digital age.

Expertise Direct currently has 100+ world-leading experts registered from over 11 countries, including the United States, the UK, Canada, India and South Africa.

Expert Categories include Business Coaching, Psychology, Tuition, Counselling, amongst many others. The platform ensures that consumers are no longer denied quality consultations due to geographic restrictions.

Commenting on the announcement, Expertise Direct Co-founder and Director Timothy said: “We are very pleased to be announcing the launch of Expertise Direct to both Experts and Consumers. We are giving experts the necessary tools to take their business online, allowing them an unprecedented level of location independence and access to new clients. It is an amazing way for an expert to add an extra revenue stream into the future.”

“Our consumers now have the ability to access world-class advice from their living rooms. There is something truly special about being able to receive expertise from around the globe using only an internet connection and a laptop. No more expensive time and travel costs. We are working towards becoming the Amazon of Expertise.”

The full list of categories includes Business & Finance, Medical, Legal, Education, Architecture, Counselling, Web & IT, Marketing, Health and Fitness, Wedding & Event Planning, Private Investigation, Psychology, Animal Welfare and Agents. This is not a closed list and Expertise Direct will continue to expand its list of expert categories as more and more professionals request to join the platform.

The platform is now live for both consumers and experts, for more information visit

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