Irish online doctor service videoDoc has signed a partnership agreement with the Personal Group in the UK. This partnership will give two million UK employees access to an on demand doctor service powered by videoDoc through the Personal Groups employee benefits “Hapi” app and platform.

Employees across the UK supported by the Hapi platform will now have access to an online doctor service wherever they are, 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm.

Founded in Ireland in 2014, videoDoc entered the UK market in early 2017. Since then videoDoc has signed several major partnerships with a number of high-profile providers and businesses, including Hermes, the Royal Logistics Corps and Cardiff City FC. This new Personal Group partnership announcement marks a significant expansion of reach in the UK for the videoDoc service.

Speaking at the partnership announcement, videoDoc co-founder and CEO Mary O’Brien said “According to the Royal College of General Practitioners, the UK has over 400 million GP consultations annually. videoDoc’s partnership with Personal Group who provide services to millions of people is a great way to access the market as we advance our Series A funding.”

To support this announcement videoDoc and the Personal Group commissioned a survey in the UK which highlighted the pressures the modern work environment places on the health of British workers. Notable results included:

52% of UK employees have delayed seeking medical advice because they didn’t want to take time off work
Others have taken annual or unpaid leave, or have left work early or arrived late
70% of the survey respondents believe their company should offer access to an online doctor

Dr. Brian McManus, Medical Director at videoDoc said: “The results of this study suggest a worrying trend that employees are prioritising work over health. As demands on employee productivity increase, employees feel pressured to simply struggle on regardless. This pressure is only going to increase and so while we always recommend that people take the time to visit their doctor in person, especially when they are concerned about their health, we see online doctor video consultations as an important means to circumvent time constraints in appropriate cases.”

“We share the views of Dr. Eric Topol currently undertaking an independent review of the NHS’ approaches to technology. Like Dr. Topol, we believe that within a decade virtual consultations could overtake the number of physical visits. We advise that patients should take the time to visit their doctor, but this is not always possible with the demands on GPs. Having almost instant access to a doctor for less complex cases in our view makes sense in terms of one’s overall health management and allows patients to choose a time and place for their virtual consultation.”

In Ireland videoDoc partners include Vhi Healthcare, Beaumont Hospital, Wrkit, Clanwilliam Healthcare and Irish healthcare App MediMee.

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