Online booking platform provider YellowSchedule, from Ireland, today announced that it has been named a ‘Top 20 Most Popular Mental Health Software Product’ in a Gartner report, released by Capterra, an online resource for business software buyers.

CEO and Co-Founder of YellowSchedule, Martina Skelly, spoke of the company’s selection:

“Technology is bridging the gap between the patient and healthcare professional. Always-on, 24 hour scheduling reduces the friction involved in booking an appointment. This means less white space for the caregiver. It also makes essential appointments more accessible for the patient. Advanced software solutions allow therapists to focus their attention on the patient and providing the best service possible. We’ve seen the massive role that technology has played in improving access to mental health issues. This is a trend that is only going to accelerate.”

YellowSchedule is an online appointment management tool used by therapists, consultants, counsellors, and other healthcare professionals. The software helps to cut ‘no-show’ rates (in some cases by 60%). It also enables clinicians and caregivers to take appointments online and have greater interaction with their patients. YellowSchedule has helped to create a smoother system for patients to book an appointment at any time of day.

An Impact Report released by ‘Capitalize for Kids’ in August underscored the effect that YellowSchedule, and online scheduling, has had for care providers. YellowSchedule was implemented into the George Hull Centre for Children and Families in Canada. The foundation reported a 35% drop in no-shows. There was also over $120,000 in healthcare value created and an 800% return on investment. The foundation is now taking steps to integrate the solution in centres across Canada.

YellowSchedule was founded in 2010 by award-winning tech entrepreneur Martina Skelly, voted Vodafone Startup Businesswoman of the year, and one of the top 100 women in STEM. YellowSchedule has won numerous awards, most notably the Irish Internet Association Net Visionary Award, as the ‘Indispensable Cloud Service for SMEs’. The company has over 1100 customers in the US alone, including notables like The Feinberg School of Medicine, Berkeley University, University of North Carolina and Lincoln Memorial University.

The Top 20 Most Popular Health Software category is an independent assessment that evaluates customer base, number of active users and social presence to generate a list of market leaders in the health software space.


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