The Founder of Prepaid Financial Services, Noel Moran, stood in a lecture theatre in a college for the first time on Tuesday night. The entrepreneur left school at 17 to enter the workplace with no formal qualifications and was there as a guest speaker at DIT.

Mr. Moran now wishes to give students an opportunity to work with one of Europe’s most successful FinTechs via the company’s new Graduate and Internship Programme. PFS currently has 20 posts to fill on its technical side and is seeking Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, and Test/QA Specialists. One of the themes that emerged from a lively Questions and Answers session with students was the agile nature of the business.

Noel Moran, CEO at PFS said: “While today we are live in 24 countries, our plans are to have a more global presence. The regulatory landscape is changing in many countries. Regulators seem to be following the guidance of the UK where we are authorised and regulated. We want to take what we have achieved in Europe and operate in around a dozen or more countries in Africa and Asia. The speed at which we can go live in a new country is one of the fastest in the industry as our platform is custom-designed to be plug and play.”

Steven Dillon, Senior Technical Project Manager at PFS commented: “PFS is a fast-paced, innovative, dynamic organisation. We have a broad client base and we are experiencing rapid growth levels. In a complicated ecosystem, we aim to constantly develop the capabilities within the business to deliver world-class client solutions to the FinTech sector. A clear competitive advantage and strength is our ability to deliver solutions to clients quickly. We are constantly looking at ways to improve performance and processes across the entire organisation using a structured and systematic approach.”

Colin Mahon, Senior Lead Developer stated: “Other FinTechs cannot move as fast as PFS and this creates a very dynamic workplace for developers. No one else in our sector operates at this speed even though the industry and technology change so quickly. Where we and the technology sector will go from here is an exciting prospect and we are striving to be at the forefront of that evolution. Our expansion into new markets and the IPO next year promises to open up new opportunities for innovation within the business.”

Alastair Quirk, Chairperson of DIT’s Investors and Entrepreneurs Society noted: “We were delighted to have Noel Moran with us last night. His story is remarkable and is definitely an inspiration to our members. It was great to hear about the fast pace at which PFS is growing and the uniquely dynamic nature of the business.”

At the end of the evening, a presentation was made to Noel Moran as the final guest speaker of the semester.

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