On Friday week, keyboard warriors and savvy shoppers will be by their computers and mobile devices waiting to pounce on the Black Friday bargains that can be had and according to new research carried out by Littlewoods Ireland, five times more Irish consumers shop online at midnight or just after on Black Friday than any other day of the year.

The study, which analysed almost 250,000 online sessions, finds that ecommerce revenues have tripled year on year as Irish consumers get into the Black Friday shopping habit.

“Black Friday has become a hugely significant shopping event. Our data suggests that the savvy shopper plans their Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping well in advance to get the best online deals”, said Rossa Butler, Ecommerce & Marketing Manager at Littlewoods Ireland.
rossa-butler-littlewoods-irelandRossa Butler.

“The phenomenal growth in revenue year on year emphasises the importance of online retailers implementing a Black Friday and Cyber Monday specific marketing plan”, he added.

The study finds that Black Friday revenues grew by 218% over a two-year period with 2016 expected to be another record breaking year.

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