The investment vehicle Irish-Spanish based, promoted by the investor and technology consultant Marc Vidal Dublin resident, makes public their two latest investments. This brings to seven the number of investments since its launch one year ago. Idodi Venture Capital has offices in the Digital Hub of Dublin.

DUBLIN, 2th January 2017.- This investment vehicle promoted by the investor and technology consultant Marc Vidal has just published two new investments which were named in Techcrunch as the ‘new Uber of publicity’ Adictik, a leader in ads creator for everyone. The second startup HeyGo was named one of the most interesting startups in Europe right now
in Wired.

With these two new additions to its investment portfolio, they have seven investments since the going public. Idodi Venture Capital is consolidating within the Irish and Spanish Venture Capital as one of the most active players in the current technology investment scene.

The investments of this Irish-Spanish found goes well. The startup Kompyte  was chsoen to participate in batch of the 500Startups acceleration program. For this, Kompyte has already been located in California.  Entering 500Startups offers you the unique opportunity to be located in Sillicon Valley by right. This is in addition to receiving substantial financial assistance and acquiring an international speaker of the highest order. Usually, a good number of companies that go through this accelerator linked to American venture capital manage to build a spectacular investment circuit.

Marc Vidal said ‘this great news adds to three more with which I feel especially pleased. The
selection by the prestigious Wired of two of our investees as the most promising in Europe was
amazing’, namely Deliberry and Heygo. Now, HeyGo, has also managed to qualify in
the Top 10 Apps most downloaded in the Apple Store this year. Heygo will be expanding to the Anglo-Saxon market in 2017.

The other great news about other our startup is that Adictik close his round with international
quality investors as Chris Bouwer, cofounder Unicorn Adyen. Adictik is an App disruptive. Vidal
said ‘I will not stress how fascinating it is to know that there is an advertising model that gets the attention of the audience for more than seven minutes watching ads or that, to understand us, it has arrived to ‘uberize’ advertising allowing Anyone who is an advertising creator. They are the largest advertising agency on the planet. At least in terms of the number of ‘advertisers’. In fact, the nearly 40,000 users and the more than 50,000 ads created in the app are clearly that, ads of people who feel identified with their brands and exposed. Adictik was named by Techcrunch this year as a revolutionary App.

The last information is about The PayPro, the fintech of the portfolio. They closed with more
money that they needed in the last round. The PayPro is based in London and they are  about to open offices in Dublin.

According that the Chairman of the fund, Marc Vidal. “We will continue betting on
interesting projects that have that look to the Anglo-saxon market. We are confident that the
investment portfolio we have, follows very well these parameters, and the collaboration
agreements we have reached with public and private Irish entities for the development of a
startups incubator with a Spanish origin will help us to detect first hand other interesting projects that could have that focus of growth. We want bring startups from Spain to Ireland as a first step to grow in the anglosaxon market, especially after Brexit problem.”

Idodi Venture Capital has disbursed more than 500,000 euros in these operations and had raised 1M euros for the next investments.

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