Irish startup, a curated ecommerce platform for emerging artists, has just expanded its base in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe with a recent launch in Asia and the USA. The global business selects the best up-and-coming artists from around the world and connects them with existing collectors and emerging buyers worldwide.

With a team of internationally based curators, Artfetch now represents artists from 18 different countries including India, China, South Korea and the US. Launched at the end of last year, the Dublin based online art gallery always had a global reach in its sights, co-founder and CEO Katie Tsouros informed us;

We launched at the end of last year initially in Ireland, the UK and Europe, as they were our closest markets, however we wanted this to be a globally focused business from the outset. The US is the largest art market in the world so that was an obvious progression, and Asia is a fast growing emerging market that we intended targeting from early on, especially China which has received a lot of attention in recent years and is a market that has been widely reported on. We’re now seeing it develop quite significantly into an outward facing market, whereas previously it was relatively closed.

Tsouros went on to outline future plans for Artfetch saying, “We’ll now look to continue expanding in emerging markets like Latin America and the Middle East, and growing our client base concurrently. The vision is for Artfetch to represent all of the world’s most talented new artists. For our customer that means you can see art that you would never previously have had access to, which is well curated and well presented, and for the artists that means they are reaching new audiences and buyers that they wouldn’t easily have had an entry point to before.

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