By @SimonCocking really useful event coming up in the new year for businesses hoping to master social media to increase traffic coming to their business via their online presence. We speak to Sam Kelly, aka Tweeting Goddess, and founder of the 2016 Irish Social Media Summit. 

Brief background about you?

I’m a Mum of two girls who started a business as a lone parent in 2011. I had no marketing budget so I used Twitter and other social media platforms to market my business and to my delight I discovered that I had a natural talent for engaging and building relationships. I have since sold my first start up and now I teach business owners how to use Twitter effectively for their business. I also manage Twitter accounts for people who don’t have the desire or time to do so. I have a team who work with me to ensure we get the best results on all platforms.

What inspired you to run this event?

I have noticed that there are a lot of companies who are making errors and aren’t engaging with their customers so I did some research and found lots of examples of studies done which prove this. Some companies don’t even have a Twitter account and barely have a Facebook page. The problem seems to be a lack of knowledge on how to implement strategies and a lack of training.

For more stats see 256 media

So as I attend these type of events myself (usually having to travel to the UK or USA, and by learning so much at these events, I decided to bring the experts here instead!

Why it will be helpful for people to attend. What will they get out of it?

They will gain valuable insights from the industry thought leaders in the social stratosphere.
About new trends, products, and services for social media marketing, and drive results. Get
ahead of your competitors.
Learn how to organize, engage and monetize your efforts.

What will be your definition of whether the event is a success?

If we trend on Twitter (which we will) and if everyone leaves equipped with the knowledge to drive Irish businesses forward and show Ireland as a buzzing social media and entrepreneurial savvy country. People will also leave inspired and ready to implement new strategies for their social media campaigns.

Why is social media so important for businesses?

Social media is the one way you can engage in real time with your customers. It’s like word of mouth only instead of someone telling 10 people about you, they can be telling hundreds or even thousands in just one tweet or post.


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Your tips for people looking to do well on social media?

Engage. Interact, build relationships, Nurture those relationships and share knowledge. Assisting others too is hugely important. If you assist someone they will warm to you and your brand much quicker.


Who is coming?

Well….am very excited to be bringing Ted Rubin to Ireland for the first time! Ted is #13 on Forbes top 50 social media power influencers and is hugely in demand all over the world. Also Brian Fanzo, Ian Cleary, Melonie Dodaro and Robert C Stern, Jenny Brennan, Steve Dotto, Bill Liao, to name just a few!

What will the format be?

It’s two days of social media workshops, tips and panel discussions. It will be interactive too with a chance for the audience to engage with the speakers. No red ropes here! The first day is workshops from the top influencers in Linkedin, Facebook, Periscope, You Tube, and much more.

The second day will be packed with speakers top tips and secrets and some surprises too!! We want people to be relaxed as an attendee too as social media is also meant to be fun!

Without naming names what avoidable mistakes have you seen other startups make?

Linking Facebook to Twitter. A big no no ….two completely different audiences and platforms.
Auto dms ­ No one likes these. I would like to talk to a person not a robot. So get rid of them, be present, and be a person….people buy from people remember!

Starting your own business is also tough, how do you manage the work /life, online / offline balance?

With difficulty. This is my biggest challenge. But with clever strategic planning and learning from experts such as the speakers who are coming to the Social media Summit, my life has becoming more manageable. Lots of Irish companies don’t know how to use time saving tools for example. But after the Social media Summit they will!

Who has inspired you?

Ted Rubin inspires me. I love his message about how it’s all about return on relationship. How you treat people and how assisting others and being authentic helps you to succeed. I always talk about this too. It’s so important. People buy from People!

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked you?

The tickets are on sale now! Two days of investing in you and your company to increase your bottom line for 2016 ­ not a bad investment at all! This is the first social media summit in Ireland. There will be such a buzz as between all of the speakers alone there is a social media reach of almost one million!! So be part of it. See you there!

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