In this age of technology, although there are so many ways to interact with people across the globe, meeting people in person is still very important facet for every company. It is important to connect with individuals face to face as it gives a sense of validation of the other person.

The team at AMICORUM.LIVE travelled to 2 different continents promoting the company, project and vision. It has been a great exposure since the inception and we are looking to carry this forward. Our CEO — Adrian Arora will be visiting Ireland from May 18 — May 26.

“Ireland Is Becoming a “Landing Spot” for Blockchain Technology. With new blockchain labs and numerous Blockchain projects, Ireland is becoming perfect ceremonial grounds for Blockchain, its people and technology.

With a major focus on Blockchain and Fintech, the Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference in April saw over 300 attendees and VC professionals from 20 companies. With the advent of blockchain and increased adoption across the globe, it is only time Ireland will be top on charts for Blockchain and Investments.

“During my visit to Dublin, I am looking to meet with potential partners, adding a CMO and CTO to our company and potential investors to showcase our project. We would like to understand how VC’s are perceiving the blockchain tech coming out of countries like Canada” — CEO, Adrian Arora.

AMICORUM.LIVE had a great round of Private Sale in March but the company is focussed on closing additional funding to ensure we have enough capital to raise and work the project through the next 3 years.

“My schedule is very much open for the week except for Monday, May 21 and Friday, May 25 and will really appreciate spending time with people from Blockchain or interested companies that are willing to learn more about what we are looking to do” CEO, Adrian Arora

I can be available via email- [email protected] or t’gram — @adrianarora to setup calls and meetings in advance.

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