Mous™, a fashion technology company and the creator of Mous Musicase, has announced that its new range of Mous Limitless iPhone cases is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo having raised $10,000 in the first few hours.

Crafted out of beautiful, premium materials like bamboo, walnut, Kevlar, leather and marble, each case provides military-grade drop protection without compromising on style. In order to achieve the strength needed to adequately protect mobile phones while keeping Limitless’ small size and elegance,

Mous have created a smart material called Airo Shock™ that contains micro air pockets. Upon the user dropping his or her phone, the air captured within these pockets compresses, dissipating and dampening energy for drops up to 12 feet. The greater the drop height, the greater the cushion provided by the material. Whereas other protective cases add bulk to a smart device, Limitless cases only add 2.6mm of thickness to an iPhone, including a front lip for reliable screen protection.

Mous have conducted extensive testing of its Limitless range, going as far as dropping a case from a 45-foot crane and throwing it around recklessly at an Apple store in London. In both instances, the iPhones survived without a scratch.

Crane Drop:

Apple Store Drops:

The Mous Limitless range has been universally designed to fit both iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 models, eliminating the burden of having to purchase a new phone case upon upgrading devices. A case for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus models is also available.

Beyond protection and style, each case offers functional benefits due to a small embedded steel plate for attaching magnetic accessories. Every case comes with a free mount that can stick to virtually any flat surface around the house; useful for watching movies in bed or reading emails for work. More accessories are in development, including a wallet, flex mount, and battery pack that will be unveiled during the campaign.

“We developed the Limitless system to combine style, protection and functionality. From research, we often found cases that nailed just one element:maybe they look
good, but break easily, or they’re functional and protective, but look terribly bulky.” said James Griffith, Co-founder of Mous.


Mous will continue to expand its range of Mous Limitless iPhone accessories as well as incorporate new cases and accessories for additional phone models, including Samsung phones, as soon as early 2017. The Mous Limitless iPhone range and accessories will launch in Q1 2017. The cases will be available in walnut, bamboo, Kevlar, leather, black marble, and white marble for an  MSRP beginning at $59.00 (price varies by case). Pre-orders began, yesterday, November 16 on Indiegogo at special early bird pricing up to 50 percent off and will be delivered before Christmas 2016.

To find out more about the Mous Limitless iPhone case range and Indiegogo campaign, go to

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