By @TheMarkDalton.

Flickr has revealed that the most popular camera used to capture images and upload to the Flickr website in 2015 was in fact the iPhone. According to the photo-sharing social network’s ‘Year In Review’ report, the iPhone accounted for 42% of Flickr photos and videos taken in 2015.

Behind the iPhone are photos from Canon (27%) and Nikon (16%). In terms of camera types which were used to capture photos last year, DSLRs and camera phones are not too far apart (31% and 39% respectively) while compact point and shoot cameras still have a significant presence at 25%. The numbers are based on photos uploaded to Flickr which show EXIF data so the actual true numbers could be a bit different.

Flickr is not as popular as it once was and has lost the top spot as a photo sharing website. Instagram currently holds the honour of being the place to go if you want to share photos. While the rankings are not indicative of overall camera usage, what the numbers do show is that more people now prefer phones for photography, and why shouldn’t they?

The cameras that now ship on smartphones are top quality, they take stunning crystal clear images and they give base entry DSLRs a run for their money in terms of overall final photo quality. However for me, I prefer still prefer a DSLR when it comes to actually spending a day out and about shooting photographs.

Photography is something I have taken a break from this year, mainly because I am waiting to get a decent backpack which is coming this Chistmas. The current carrying gear I have makes me feel extremely limited, however I can’t wait to get back out there next year with my trusty Nikon. While Instagram may be the number 1 photo sharing app, I used to rely on Flickr until they forced Yahoo emails onto all of us as I felt Flickr is a much better tool if you want to build up a portfolio. Now I am looking to simply move those albums to Facebook with so many people on there it just makes sense.

You can have a look at some of my albums here or you can check out my new Facebook page here. (shameless plug…)

Flickrs Year In Review also revealed some other interesting trivia. During the four seasons, stark white and true red were popular colours at winter; lawn green and tangerine in spring; dark lime green, sky blue and ocean in summer; onyx and tangerine in the fall.

Three photographers, Joe St. Pierre, Reese Herrington and Kris Williams received the most views and likes. The U.S., U.K. and France were the most photographed regions and the top Flickr photo of 2015 was the image of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocker and Dragon spacecraft launching into space.

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