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We are getting close to that time of year. Apple takes the stage each September to unveil the latest additions to the iPhone range and a similar question pops up for those who are in or around their upgrade window. Should I get the new iPhone or should I save some money and pick up last years iPhone?

I can’t answer that for you, really it will come down to the individual. However I am in my upgrade window this year so what I can do is look at what we are expecting to come this year in the new iPhone and tell you what I will be doing.

iPhone 7 – What are we expecting?

Full disclaimer here, this is what we expect to see based on leaks over the past number of months. None of this information is final or confirmed. What we do know for certain is that Apple plans to keep releasing two versions of each iPhone so we can expect to see an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus at the very least.

Rumours for the iPhone 7 started strong. Early this year Tim Cook himself went on record in a TV interview and said that the iPhone 7 will:

“give you things that you can’t live without that you just don’t know you need today”

Sounds promising and we were excited to hear it. However the rumour mill has slowed down over the past number of months with many claiming that the technology simply is not ready.

Mockup of what could be the new iPhones this year

Mockup of what could be the new iPhones this year

There were rumours of an edge to edge curved display, AMOLED screens, wireless charging. Even at this, none of it is revolutionary so we still don’t know what this killer feature could be but indications are that Apple could wait until next year – the 10th anniversary year of iPhone for a big dramatic reveal.

What we are expecting so far for this years iPhone is the following:

– No headphone jack
– Improved water resistance
– Dual lens camera
– Possibly a smart connector on the iPhone 7 Plus
– Similar design to 6s and 6s Plus
– Removal of the antenna band design
– New processing power
– Two iPhone sizes

Blueprint leaks and renders have pointed to a design very close to what we have at the moment. It is also expected to be thinner than the 6s series with a larger protruding dual camera.

The no headphone jack rumour has been circulating for some time now as Apple looks to make devices as thin as possible. The all in one lightning port will support both charging and music playback through lightening equipped headphones and the phone will ship with an adapter to help ease the transition for consumers.



The camera seems to be where most of the upgrade work is going at the moment with a possible dual lens iPhone 7 Plus lens being brought into play. The dual lens system would narrow the gap between iPhones and entry level DSLR cameras, however if you own a mid to high range DSLR you will still get the better shot using that instead. The dual lens will also allow for clearer and brighter images with less noise and more detail. So if you use your iPhone for a lot of photos then it could end up being a deal breaker.

Wireless Charging

There has been talk around wireless charging however the latest rumours are that while Apple is looking into wireless charging it could be pushed back to next years iPhone release instead. The technology could still make the iPhone 7 but there is nothing concrete at the moment.

LTE Speed

LTE is expected to get faster with a new Intel LTE modem chip that will support a theoretical downlink speed of 450 MB/s and uplink of 100 MB/s.

Battery Life

Battery life is always a contentious issue and the battery life is expected to be around the same, possible a bit better for the iPhone 7 compared to the 6s. As we know the 6s Plus has great battery life and it is unclear if Apple will look to improve further on that at the moment. Larger batteries could be required however to drive the new camera tech.


Apple is rumoured to be working on AMOLED displays however they won’t be ready for the iPhone 7, we are expecting to see that next year. This years iPhones will continue to use the TFT-LCD display used in the 6s range. However it is also possible that display enhancements could come through features such as ‘True Tone’ – the feature which adjusts colour temp to match ambient lighting on the iPad Pro.

Dual Sim Tray

Finally there has been talk about dual SIM trays which would allow you to use multiple carriers at the same time and come in handy for when you are travelling.

Will iPhone 7 be a flop?

Again, Tim Cook talked about giving us tech we couldn’t live without earlier this year through the iPhone 7. However, as the rumour mill gathers steam closer to the expected announcement date it seems as if the technology just is not ready yet.

It makes sense for Apple in a way, putting these features on a back burner until next year and then releasing their “biggest iPhone release yet” on the tenth anniversary of the iPhone would be great for their marketing and PR next year. What it does mean though is they may expect iPhone sales to take a hit this year when the new iPhone is launched.

This years main focus appears to now be on the camera tech and nailing that this year would give Apple the chance to work on other features for the next iPhone instead of trying to cram it all into the iPhone 7. So if you are in the upgrade window…what should you do?

Should I upgrade to the 6s range or wait for the iPhone 7 range?

It comes down to what you want. When the 6s Plus was initially released I had little more than a passing interest in it because I was not upgrading at the time. However with information coming to light that the iPhone 7 may not be “all that” I am now very interested in the 6s Plus.


New iPhones?

The first thing you do need to do is wait. The iPhone 7 event will take place in September so unless you desperately need a new phone right now, wait until we see what Apple has in store with the latest addition to the product line. It makes no sense upgrading now and then finding out that the iPhone 7 will bring something you really wanted, do that and you will have missed the window.

So have patience, it is not much longer to hold out for.

Once the latest iPhone is revealed then it is all up to what you want! So for me, I am hoping it comes with more than a lot of new camera tech. The dual lens system is interesting but I have an expensive mid-level DSLR camera so camera tech in an iPhone is not a deal breaker for me. I don’t take a big amount of photos using an iPhone camera, it is just a handy point and shoot for quick snaps. If I want excellent shots my Nikon won’t let me down.

So for me the question is, what else will they bring to the party? By the sounds of things…not a whole lot this year. If that is the case I will upgrade to the 6s Plus because at the moment it has everything that I am interested in that I don’t have in the 6 Plus.

– Retina HD with 3D Touch
– Taptic Engine
– A9 Chip
– M9 chip
– 4G LTE Advanced3
– Live Photos
– 4k video

There are a whole bunch of other great features but these are the things I am really interested in. Of course I will wait to see what the iPhone 7 does bring but the decision on what you want to upgrade to next is all up to what you want from the phone.

You don’t have to upgrade to brand spanking new just because it is out, the 6s range could be more than sufficient for your needs and a worthy upgrade which will also save you a bit of money in your pocket when the new iPhone gets released.

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