All the waiting is finally over as Apple launched the iPhone 4S today. There’s some welcome spec bumps but will it be enough to please everyone?





After all the waiting Apple’s Tim Cooke took to the stage today to unveil the the new iPhone 4S.

As the dust settles on the announcement we’ll recap the specs of the updated iPhone.


Processor/GPU/ RAM:


As expected Apple have installed the same A5 dual core chip that usually resides in the iPad 2. This is obviously one of the main jump in specs that the new phone gets.

It is an ARM Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1Ghz. The GPU has been upgraded to to a dual-core PowerVR SGX543MP2.

Apple Claims that the processor will perform twice as powerfully and the GPU 7 times as powerfully as the iPhone 4

RAM remains the same at 512MBs




The display remains the same 3.5” IPS LCD, 960 x 640 pixels. While a lot of people probably expected Apple to increase the size of the screen, we’ll have to wait for the iPhone 5 to see if that happens


Phone Size and Form Factor:


Again, this remains the same but the 4S is a whole 3 grams heavier!




This is camera is another area that gets a decent improvement. The new camera will now be 8MP and capable of shooting 1080p video.

With this there are now face detection, noise reduction and image stabilistation features.

Another point that Apple pushed greatly during the keynote was the reduced time taken between shots which they believe now makes the 4S the fastest mobile snapper on the market!

The front facing camera remains the same at VGA resolution but will now be capable of 30fps video


Battery life:


This is always a category I take with a pinch of salt for any manufacturer. The tests they perform to come to these figures rarely represent real life use and usually will never actually be achievable.

Apple believe you will get an extra 1 hour 3G talk time from the battery. I doubt this will be even noticeable in but anything they are doing to increase battery life is always welcome I suppose.




The main expectations before launch were that Apple would finally make the iPhone compatible with 4G networks. Instead they have made the phone HSPA+ compatible. Some networks in America are pushing HSPA+ as being 4G but in the real sense of the term it is not. It is just an improvement over current 3G speeds.

It will be capable of a maximum 14.4 Mbps. Some of the Irish networks are busy transitioning to 21 Mbps (theoretically capable!) HSPA+ so Irish users of the iPhone 4S should be now able to make use of this (Network allowing)

The phone now consists of both GSM and CDMA radios so there will no longer be two separate versions of the phone. This at least will remove the chance of people making a mistake and buying the wrong version of the phone from the US to use over here.

The 4s will be Bluetooth 4.0 compliant.




64GB will now be a third option further to the current 16 and 32 GB options. This is obviously a very welcome boost and now puts the iPhone on par with the 32GB internal/ 32GB micros SD offerings from other Manufacturers but still no expandable memory.




iOS 5 will be released with the new iPhone bringing with it a raft of new features for iOS.

One of the new features that Apple has introduced today that will be only available on the 4S is called “Siri”

This is basically a new way of using voice input, instead of text on the phone. If you have ever used a BlackBerry or Android device Siri is very similar to existing voice command features on both those Operating systems. It will read your texts and allow you to reply by voice, perform web searches, set alarms etc



So for now that’s pretty much it. As more details trickle out we’ll be sure to update you.

As with the iPhone 3GS the emphasis is on speed increases rather than a phone redesign

Personally I expected Apple to push the boundaries a bit more today.

A lot of the rumours before hand made sense. Release a cheaper 4S to compete with other cheaper phones and then release an iPhone 5 that took things to another level and set the bar for other manufacturers.


That obviously hasn’t happened and the market’s have reacted poorly to the news of the iPhone 4S, with Apple’s value ending nearly 5% down.

With most Networks forcing you to sign an 18 month contract now, will people be willing to commit to that for what is basically an incremental upgrade?


Let us know what you think.

Are you an existing iPhone user? Will you be upgrading to the iPhone 4S or will you be staying put until the next iPhone?

If you are not an iOS user would the 4S, it’s spec bumps and iOS 5 make you want to switch?




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