By Denis Lucey, Vice-President of Dell EMC EMEA Commercial Support Services

Cultivating a smart customer-first culture can be a challenge for business. With instant access to information, a growing array of new business models, and new emerging technologies, business leaders are under pressure to transform and meet consumers’ enhanced expectations.

From seeking to develop a deep understanding of what your customers want, to knowing exactly when they want it, help is on the way.

It’s called the Internet of Things (IoT) or, as we prefer to term it at Dell Technologies, the Internet of Everything. That’s because eventually every step of the customer journey, from sales and marketing to maintenance and renewal, will be informed by data captured from devices connected to the web. With the number of connected devices expected to reach 100 billion by 2025, organisations will be awash with rich data that has the power to transform the customer experience forever.

While it may sound futuristic, in reality, that future is already here. Today, Wi-Fi enabled touch screens let you manage your groceries, whilst electric cars receive automatic software updates while you’re sleeping. But how can customer-facing organisations benefit from the disruptive power of the Internet of Everything?

Adopting IoT-enabled technology will foster cultural transformation, with organisations working from a proactive rather than reactive mode. By tapping into sensor, diagnostic and user interaction data from devices, our customers gain important insights in product maintenance and renewal.

Premium Support Plus is an excellent example of just this. Powered by IoT-enabled SupportAssist technology, it is the first predictive issue detection support service to proactively detect technical issues, optimises performance for consumer PCs.

With this ever-growing data, organisations across the globe are provided with new opportunities to engage customers and empowered to transform their support teams.

IoT also accelerates R&D services of an organisation. Valuable insights gained from smart devices help ensure businesses upgrade their product offering quickly to align with both current customer needs and future preferences. For in a world of constant transformation, businesses must always think one step ahead.

At Dell Technologies, we’ve embraced this new, promising reality. To help customers deploy integrated IoT systems with greater ease, Michael Dell together with the broader leadership team unveiled a new IoT division and strategy at the IQT event in New York. In leveraging the strengths across all our family of businesses, Dell can deliver smarter, more predictive systems that enhance the customer experience.

Limerick is playing a central role in fostering this next wave of digital transformation for businesses across Ireland. The Dell EMC IoT Solutions Lab in the city is only one of three centres worldwide enabling organisations to build and test next-generation IoT solutions. With the first-hand insights gained in the lab, businesses can accelerate the time to market of their next-generation IoT technologies.

In a market of constant change, cultivating a customer-centric culture based on the Internet of Everything will require more than ad hoc technological procurements. If you really want to provide a smart customer experience, businesses need sustained investment in a digital-first approach.

More than 50% of organisations have forecast they will need to direct their investments to customer experience innovations by the end of this year. We will therefore all need to commit to digitally transform the end-user’s experience. For businesses that develop a greater understanding of customer needs through technology will ultimately create the strongest bonds of loyalty.

And the opportunities of this new age are endless. With IoT growing as the largest device market globally, it has never been easier for businesses to connect the dots. How is your organisation seeking to harness the revolutionary power of smart devices to better support your customer experience strategy both for today and into the future?

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