The Sunday Business post launched their iOS app recently and I’ve been playing around with it for the past while. I’m an avid reader of the paper and while I usually buy the print edition I have periodically purchased the online edition too. Until recently their online presence ( was woeful but they’ve now re-launched it to coincide with the new app (or was it the other way around) well anyway it’s a much improved site now with daily updates on news, current affairs and business goings on.

The app (available here) is easy to navigate. You can choose from various sections to browse for stories of interest (markets, agenda, living etc..) or if you like you can purchase a Sunday Business Post single copy or subscription.

The Daily Business Post section provides you with the latest news and although it’s not entirely clear from the off to the user, green starred items are articles directly from the Sunday editions and you therefore have to purchase a subscription to read these articles. You can buy single copies of the paper or purchase monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions which, unlike the single copies, offer you access to the papers archives. While I note that the single copies are now 39 cent more expensive than they used to be (last month) they still represent a significant saving over the print edition.

You can adjust the font size and contrast to improve your viewing experience and you can also login to the app using LinkedIn, twitter or Facebook accounts if you have them or register directly.  The ads are pretty unobtrusive but it would be nice to have the option to turn them off especially if you’ve purchased a subscription to the paper (an idea maybe for future app updates).

Overall the app is very nice and of course the new Daily Business Post news service is a substantial improvement to what was there before. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.













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