It is that time of year again folks, new Apple software is arriving this month. Today will see the launch of iOS 9 and watchOS 2 with El Capitan on the Mac to follow later towards the end of the month. New software means shiny new features and of course people are eager to test out the new goodies from proactive siri to time-lapse watch faces. 

Getting ready before the update drops.

It is important to be prepared and to follow some basic and boring but very necessary steps before you upgrade to new software. The most important thing to remember is to avoid a trap that a lot of people fall in to, hold off on the backups!

You want to backup your device right before you update, and I mean right before you hit that update button too. Not a day before, not a week before, not even a few hours before updating. You need the backup to be the very last thing you do before updating. That means you know that the information and data you are restoring to will be the most up to date information you had on the device.

You can take the time though to prepare for the update, do some spring cleaning and delete unwanted apps, music and photos from the device. All of these will increase your backup size and if you don’t want them anymore then remove them before carrying out the backup.

This year you don’t have to worry about free space required to install iOS 9. Last year users were furious when they discovered that several gigs of space were needed for the iOS 8 update however iOS 9 will only require 1.3GB to install so as long as you do some basic cleaning you should be all set.

When the update drops.

If the Apple schedule is anything to go by, we can expect the new software to arrive at 6pm GMT. If you are really eager to get in before the crowd then I would suggest making an encrypted backup using iTunes no sooner than 5.30pm.

An encrypted backup will store account passwords and health data, regular backups do not store this data for security reasons so if you don’t want to lose those health achievements and goals you have been working on then you need to ensure that you run an encrypted backup.

The Apple Watch should automatically backup however if you want to be sure that it does then simply unpair and repair the watch, this will manually create a backup.

When the update does drop, try to stay calm! Some people will get through without hassle however every year we face the same problems of the servers getting jammed with traffic. That means that the downloads can be slow, they may not show up at all if traffic is heavy and it generally causes much anger on Twitter.

If you can wait for an hour or two until the rush dies down then that is your best bet. However if you are trying to get on when the update drops and you are struggling, just remember that millions of users all over the world are cramming to get onto the servers.

Updating is generally a straight forward process and there are rarely problems, however following these steps will ensure that should anything go wrong you will at least have a stable backup to revert to.

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