Is your iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch memory filling up and you would like to free up some space? Ever noticed that orange coloured ‘Other’ tab in iTunes storage info?

Well, PhoneClean could be just the ideal utility for you! This utility is a free download, available from here.

*Always a good idea to connect your device to iTunes and perform a backup before tinkering*

Once downloaded just follow the step by step instructions-

Screen 1

When you connect your device to your PC/Mac you are given a detailed breakdown of what on your device will be scanned!

Screen 2


Next press ‘Start Scan” and off it goes, (depending on how well you normally houseclean your device it can take a while to scan)

After scanning finishes you are shown exactly how much space can be saved.

Screen 3


I decided not to clean up the ‘Cookie and Script Files’ section (122.57 KB of space)as most of my apps require log in details and I didn’t want to have to enter my details again! You can of course click on each sections ‘Details’ tab and decide which files are deleted.

Clean Up will take approximately the same time as the Scan and once finished you can enjoy the extra free space!

I have had no problems after using PhoneClean but in the unlikely event of something not being right you can always restore from the *backup that you made before starting!





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