The release of the latest InVision App has been a highly anticipated event.  If you are into Screen Design then this app is worth exploring for you.  The teaser video below demonstrated its fundamental abilities, yet I feel we may have only scratched the surface.

At the InVision Design and Drinks event held on the 18th of January at The Botanical Garden at Opium; over 200 people registered to attend and mix with the team who created Studio.  When speaking with some of the attendees it was seen as improving communication within teams and bringing an end product even faster to the end user.

With the claims on this tool being of such a high level they have been rolled out very slowly to be beta tested with trusted supporters.  “Ultimately, we know we only have one chance to prove Studio and we have always delivered” said Ryan Burke, Senior Vice President InVision on the night.  “We did a Studio tour in 7 cities with a designer doing the demo up until last month and had over 45,000 sign up in the first few hours of launch, and 155,000 total for Early Access.  Its not fully ready yet but we are designing our own products using Studio at this time.”

“People can still use Sketch and Photoshop alongside it, they will still work with Studio he went on.  “What we have achieved however with the Studio is that there is no need for this anymore, we have brought all the tools you need within one CRM.”

A short time later I got chance to speak with Mindaugas Petrutis, EMEA, Success InVision

From what I have understood people are really keen to learn more about The Studio, I asked how many people were on the team to bring this to fruition?

It came from a tool called Macaw, that we (InVision) acquired and they were making their own improvements initially but felt unhappy with their outcomes so they decided to embark on a new journey and design their own screen design tool instead.  It has taken 2 years to reach this stage and I’m not entirely sure of the numbers of people involved.  However InVision as a whole is now over 500 people strong.

We are also looking to find many more designers over the coming months for help with our other new product Design Systems Manager and arranging early access for that.  We are also releasing a new and improved version of InVision as the platform that everybody knows it today.  We want to constantly improve the UX for our audience.

So you are currently doing a slow release of the Studio, will some people have the full app yet?

Yes, we are slowly rolling this out to our community with waves of invites going out every week.  We only do this so that we get the best possible and most accurate feedback to ensure the experience by the customer is best they can get.  Our own design team switched over only a couple of weeks ago to using it full time, so now we are at a point where we can start putting it into other peoples hands.  Once this happens we can make the necessary changes to resolve any issues that may or may not come up prior to full release.


There really isn’t any updates you miss if you follow the blog.  Its available here InVision Blog

So make sure you sign up for Early Access and learn about this cutting edge tool for yourself

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