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Hey everyone, today we would like to share with you an interview with TraXion CEO Ann Cuisia. Enjoy!

Thank you for joining us today Ann. How are you?

Ann Cuisia: Thank you! We are doing great. We are happy with the positive feedback from all sectors regarding our advocacy and the products we offer. We are done with our private sale and now we are one pre-sale

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Ann: First and foremost, I am a wife and mother of 4. I have a Mathematics degree with a major in computer science. For the past 20 years I have been exposed in the banking, payments and e-Commerce space. And for the past 4 years, I have been a startup entrepreneur.

Tell our audience a bit about TraXion and how it came to be?

Ann: Just like any tech entrepreneur, we saw how blockchain is going to change all areas of business and even personal lives. In the late 90s, people were saying the internet is going to change the world. And now, everyone is saying blockchain would be doing the same thing — we totally agree with that.

What is it that makes TraXion so unique in your mind?

Ann: Consumers and businesses — they find it difficult to work in our current financial system. Transaction and remittance fees are just too high. There is so much bureaucracy, everything is slow and there is not much transparency anymore. This will be resolved. We want to be one of the companies to make the blockchain ubiquitous and run in the background without even the normal consumers knowing it — and enjoy its benefits. Everyone agrees that we eventually become a cashless or, specifically, a crypto-based society. And TraXion will help consumers and business prepare for that eventuality. TraXion wants to transition everyone to a crypto-ready society.

What separates you from other competitors, if any?

Ann: We do not only provide the TraXion wallet for merchants to use for e-commerce and all kinds and transactions. We also provide merchants with ready-made consumers. Now that is a big difference. And we not only provide them with a wallet, we want enterprises to have end-to-one implementation in their operations. We can provide them with that. We do not intend to work as a silo ecosystem. We are very much aware that there will be other crypto-based ecosystems that are not ours. We are ready to connect with them as well. The objective is to connect everyone — not compete. And we do plan to compete or disrupts with the banks. We plan to use our eWallet as the banks ‘Nth’ branch where its products and services are being used on a consumer mobile phone.

You have a very strong and international team as well as advisors in place. Why is this such an important quality to have for an ICO project in your mind?

Ann: Since we are doing a global public sale, perception is a very important factor. Not all investors get to see or meet us personally. So it is important to emphasize that our senior team has an average experience of 20 years.
You can have an impressive white paper, but you cannot replace relevant experience.

Do you have a favorite quote that you live or work by?

Ann: Blessed are those who patiently wait, for God’s time is the best time!

Lastly, what are your sentiments on the Blockchain and ICO space as a whole?

Ann: Blockchain adoption will move quickly than anticipated. The companies in the late 90s that quickly adopted the internet, became the clear winners. Blockchain will be no different.
a. Permissioned blockchains will overtake permission-less blockchains
b. There will be more blockchain-based consumer-facing applications (e.g. beyond Crypto Kitties)
c. I see more social good coming out of blockchain: transparent/corruption-less aid during disasters, faster distribution of food for the poor, reduction of fake drugs, etc.
d. Governments will not regulate blockchain, but rather regulate through the blockchain as this
makes more sense.
e. People will start owning back their digital identity through permissioned networks.
f. There will be more blockchain applications outside of fintech such as in health, manufacturing and internet of things.

Thanks for taking the time Ann!

Ann: Thanks for having me!

You can learn more about TraXion by checking out their social channels and by going to their website at

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