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Hey everyone, today we would like to share another great interview. We took some time and talked with CEO Alexandru Florea. Take a look!

Thank you for joining us today Alexandru. How are you?

Alexandru: I’m doing great thank you for having me.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Alexandru: I am an entrepreneur at heart. I started my entrepreneurial journey 9 years ago in the affiliate marketing and then spotted the opportunity of offering proxy server services globally, which was my main focus until the idea came to life in 2017. My hope is to be known for revolutionizing the Internet by allowing users to access the World Wide Web with privacy, without advertisements and without malware. I am already the founder and CEO of the largest peer-to-peer residential proxy network in the world with more than 20,000 customers including Fortune 500 companies.

What are you doing that no one else is doing or has ever done? solution frees the Internet from ads, malware and trackers and thus, it adheres to the initial vision of World Wide Web of having a decentralized, non-discriminatory and universal way to share information easily and connect people. For , privacy is a top priority along with keep users’ data safe and personal.

Tell our audience a bit about and how it came to be?

Alexandru: I wanted to offer all internet users an enhanced browsing experience by making the internet an ad-free, more secure and non-trackable place and so that’s how it came to be.

What is it that makes so unique in your mind? solution, developed using the Ethereum blockchain, aims at disrupting the digital advertising market valued at more than $1 trillion USD global annual spending. By staking OIO tokens and implementing our solution, the website operators will be able to access to a new non-invasive revenue stream, which capitalizes on the time spent by users online.

At the same time, internet users who stake OIO tokens will also have the opportunity to monetize on the time spent by themselves and their peers on World Wide Web. The time spent by users online will lead to ICE tokens being mined which in turn can be used in the dedicated merchant system or traded on exchanges and consequently changed to Fiat.

How the does the Blockchain application fit into

Alexandru: Using the latest Blockchain technology, the solution comes with the following features for all internet users:

  • extensions for all major existing browsers
  • no ads through an ad-blocker
  • no tracking achieved by a tracking script blocker
  • antivirus protection by means of a custom anti-malware script
  • mobile applications that will function as a wallet, ad blocker, tracking script blocker and anti malware and will also contain a performance and battery time enhancer
  • in-house developed merchant system that will allow payments for sites accepting multiple cryptocurrencies with ICE tokens as the base currency with a 0% commission fee

How does it work for the everyday person?

Alexandru: solution is suitable for every person that owns a laptop, telephone, table or any other device connected to internet, by creating an ad-free, more secure and non-trackable browsing experience.

What problem does it solve?

Alexandru: In today’s interconnected world, whether large companies will admit to this or not, they thrive on tracking the user’s every move, compiling these data in users’ profiles and in turn selling such data to other corporation or share it with governmental agencies. Another major problem on many browsers is advertisements. Advertisements may seem fine at first, but they become annoying and intrusive over time. They can even lead you to scams, malware, or use your computer’s hardware infrastructure without you knowing. comes to solve all these problems, by implementing an ERC-20 compatible token based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will allow complete transparency. With‘s solution, the user can browser the internet without the fear of being tracked, hacked or annoyed by unwanted ads.

How does it give back to users?

Alexandru: Each person buying and staking OIO tokens, either a website operator or a usual internet user will earn ICE tokens that are mined through a complete new consensus algorithm PROOF OF ONLINE that considers the time spent by users online.

What separates you from other competitors, if any?

Alexandru: solution address the current issues at hand, by using the existing technologies, thus working all major browsers used by internet users.

You have a very strong and international team as well as advisors in place. Why is this such an important quality to have for an ICO project in your mind?

Alexandru: With this solution we aim for mass adoption, and we plan to start globally and stick to being global. That is why it is important to be able to promote our project in every region of the world. Hence, we believe that having an international team is also a key element in being able to reach the envisioned mass adoption.

Do you have a favorite quote that you live or work by?

Alexandru: The secret to success is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage.

Do you think Bitcoin will someday cost 100k USD? If so, when would you see that happening?

Alexandru: I do envision a standalone Bitcoin, unleashed from being tied to any traditional currency.

Thanks for taking the time Alexandru!

Alexandru: Thank you for having me.

You can find out more about by visiting their website at and by checking out their social media links:

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