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Useful insights into one possible route to getting funding for your startups. We spoke to Gary Kolegraff @kolegraffvclink  the founder of Kolegraff VC Network a Silicon Valley based network that connects entrepreneurs with both Seed and Venture Capital worldwide.



How was 2014?

2014 was a year of growth for our Network. Using #Twitter, #Facebook, #Linkedin and #Google we were able to launch in the Cloud.


Our wins came primarily from being able to “weave” #Facebook, #Twitter, #Linkedin and #Google together to create a technological “synergy”.

Anything you’d do differently?

Like Sabeer Bhatia and Hotmail. We wish we could have started much earlier in the game. In Tech, especially with Social Media. seconds count

What types of ideas are you receiving?

We are receiving ideas from around the globe via #Twitter. Support such as web design, consulting, etc have been tremendous and positive. In terms of Fintech, MedTech, EdTech ideas it’s actually a mix of all three technologies!

Do you get a lot of me-too ideas?

Yes, as a matter-of-fact we are. There are countless crowd funding efforts around the globe. We intend to make ours stand out and win.

Do you get many ideas from outside California and the rest of the world?

Absolutely. We have been contacted from as far as Poland and the Ukraine. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and quick.

How many ideas get funded, what is the level of uptake?

We are still very early but have connected Titan Paddles, a Florida based company (who also met with Google), while in Silicon Valley with contacts from a broadcast.

What % stake of the company do they get for their investment?

Currently, we only make the connection. We charge only a small fee for each broadcast and let the Company and the VC’s decide on percentages.

When were you founded?

The Kolegraff Venture Capital Network was founded in October 15th of 2013.

What’s your revenue model? (to charge for the broadcasts?)

We just launched our flagship product, GlobalCast O/S – 1. Our model and pricing structure can be found at: See=> …

CupertinoOffice  The Cupertino offices

Life / work philosophy & strategy?

Our philosophy now is work. Building the network from beta to launch took over 3,000 man hours. There is still much to do as we grow.

Have you been to Dublin Web summit?

Not at present. We would welcome this opportunity in the future. Ireland would be a wonderful place to visit as well.
Many / any Irish start ups yet?

Yes, we are connected with may Start ups in Ireland and look forward to connecting with many more in the future.

Anything else I should have asked?

As Social Media grows and evolves, our Network will also. Judging from the speed of things we may look different soon. We embrace change.

At this time we with the thank you, Simon Cocking and the entire team at Irish Tech News. There is one more thing…

We want to send Silicon Valley Luv and 100% positive MoJo to all the Entrepreneurs and Start ups in Ireland – and the wonderful people as well !

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