In this episode  of The ICO Radio Show, host Barry James interviews the “father of the ICO,” J.R.Willett, a software developer.

“JR” runs through his initial excitement about Bitcoin’s potential; his idea (and 2012 whitepaper) for building a protocol layer on top of Bitcoin and how the Omni Layer (an open-source, decentralized asset platform built on the Bitcoin blockchain) was developed; launching an ICO (initial coin offering); optimism and pessimism for cryptocurrencies; and what he’s especially interested in now.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

[1:30] Why J.R.Willett (“JR”) initially got excited about Bitcoin in 2010-11.

[5:02] The early whitepaper and building a protocol layer on top of Bitcoin.

[6:45] JR hoped someone else would launch the first ICO (initial coin offering), but got tired of waiting.

[7:42] Launching the Omni Layer.

[11:19] JR’s pessimism compared with the raging optimism prevalent in cryptocurrency; his hope for “human kindness” and his optimism for blockchain to succeed.

[13:00] regulation: best and worst potential outcomes.

[15:24] transparency in ICOs and why the market has moved away from anonymous ICOs.

[16:20] ATMs and uptoken.

[17:46] Got a question? How to get in touch.

Listen to the show here on spotify here.

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