Crypto-Interviewer, Nazareth Qarbozian, interviewed David Drake at LDJ capital to tell others in crypto space where cryptocurrency will be heading in 5 years’ time.

David that gave us an overview, tells us what is happening and how things are shaping up fast in the crypto field, where he is quite confident Bitcoin will make large gains in the not so distance future. An investor himself, David predicts that the crypto market will pass a $1 trillion dollars by Spring 2019, and is quite confident that more adoption will be made.

As time goes on, crypto will be for the startups that can recognize and revolutionize the blockchain and see to it an emerging technology to educate and change our societies forever. Only the finest projects will survive.

Do check out this interview with Nazareth as it aims to educate and spread knowledge about cryptocurrency and where we stand with it today.

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