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Hey everyone, today we are pleased to share with you an interview with DataBlockchain Chief Marketing Officer, Adam Mittelberg. Enjoy!

1. Tell our readers about yourself and a bit of your working history?

My work in data dates back to the 1990’s. Back then, I worked with this team to create the first US company to develop permission-based email marketing databases. The company at the time was called eDirect and we were able to create a file of millions of consumers who gave their permission to receive 3rd party marketing campaigns. In parallel we had a second part to the business. We had a division called Naviant where we contracted with many of the largest consumer electronics providers, such as HP and others, to manage their product warranty processing for items such as printers, computers, and other related devices. Back in the 90’s the way in which a consumer would warranty their products was done through a hard card/postcard that they would mail in. We handled the processing and management of this, and brought it online for these brands. The result, we built the first and eventual largest high-tech household file in the country. These combined business units were extremely successful, and we ended up selling that business to Equifax in 2002 for $135 million.

Following that, I helped build a company that leveraged A.I. and machine learning to access and analyze large desperate databases. We provided solutions primarily around risk management for government agencies and large corporations. We were able to process terabytes of data to solve very specific problems to help our clients get the critical answers they needed in a matter of seconds. The company was called Seisint, and ended up selling to LexisNexis in 2004 for $775 million.

From there I spent the next 10-years worked closely with Apple and global retailers building peripheral brands around Apple’s new product at the time, iPod and eventually with iPhone and iPad.

My most recent role was as the CMO for AAC, the largest Substance Abuse Treatment Provider in the US. I helped take them from concept to more than 30 locations and traded on the NYSE over a 6-year span. In addition, they now have the largest digital footprint in the industry with close to 10 million monthly visitors to their websites, delivering tens of thousands of calls.

2. What are a few character traits would your friends use to describe you?

Funny, honest, direct and a family man.

3. Inform us on DataBlockChain and how the project came to fruition?

We have been in the data space for a long time and have always wanted to do two things: bring the largest data providers together to make data more accessible, and to enable small businesses to have the same opportunities to compete as larger corporations. The way in which the data industry operates today doesn’t allow for this to happen.

After learning about blockchain, we believe that it is the answer to help us accomplish these goals. The trust and transparency that blockchain brings was really the spark that set the project in motion.

4. What do you think stands out most about DataBlockChain?

We are bringing a very unique project to blockchain. Not just because we already have more than 3 billion records, but because data is the fuel that drives business globally. There is such a need to flatten the playing field when it comes to data accessibility, and we believe our project can do that. We are going to bring data from many of the largest and niche data owners to one location, and enable anyone, any size business, for virtually any need, to have easy access to the data they need, and at the most comparable rates.

5. What differentiates it from its competitors in the data and Blockchain industries?

We don’t feel that anyone is really doing what we are doing at Datablockchain. That said, there is a lot of synergy with projects out there that are using data, and I envision a number of strategic relationship taking form in the future.

6. What can you tell us about your team? How does the team compliment the implementation of the project?

Our track history in building successful businesses around data. We have built and been a part of close to $1 billion worth of successful exits. Our team has a wealth of experience in many different key areas to help propel us to achieve success in this project.

7. Do you think Bitcoin will someday cost 100k USD? If so, when would you see that happening?

I have no idea when that will happen, but that will be a very special day.

8. Last thing, How can people find out more about DataBlockChain?

They can visit as well as check out our social channels:

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Reddit Github YouTube Telegram

Thanks for taking the time Adam!

Thank you for having me.

You can read the original article on medium here.

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