Seamus Cosgrove has been working with Alcatel for the last 10 years, helping build the business where the brand are the third largest supplier of devices in Ireland. He has been country manager in Ireland for almost 6 years and working on Global accounts for the last two of these and bringing this experience to key partners in Ireland.

Seamus has a strong background in ICT working previously with BT across technologies and has supplimented this business knowledge with an MBA in 2010.

we caught up with him to find out about Alcatel’s next move.

Can you tell me about Alcatel’s position in Ireland and the current Irish market compared to others?

The Alcatel brand has been present in the Irish Market for 20 years.  We are the third largest supplier of devices in the market according to available customer information.

What is it that makes the Alcatel 3 smartphone an exciting one for Alcatel?

Alcatel’s entire 3 series provides consumers with access to the latest smartphone technology including many of the features included in premium devices, for a fraction of the cost

All Alcatel models in the latest 3 series range incorporate an 18:9 display aspect ratio, which means the phones are easier to hold in one hand and scroll, as well as providing a fully immersive viewing experience, bringing all your favourite content to life.

The Alcatel 3 has a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera making selfies and “groupfies” easy and enjoyable. For those that like to experiment and get creative with their photos, the Alcatel 3 comes with a wealth of fantastic features such as HDR, Panorama, Live Filters, Night Mode, Burst Shot, Face Beauty, Selfie Album and One Hand Mode to ensure each picture is fully brought to life.

Face Unlock is another useful benefit – enabling users to unlock their smartphone in a matter of seconds

Fingerprint sensor – is included on the Alcatel 3 – another feature usually included on premium devices, and saves users time when it comes to taking photos, videos or simply unlocking the phone.

There are a number of Alcatel phones in the latest range, how is the Alcatel 3 different to others?

The Alcatel 3, now available on Eir, offers a range of impressive features for less than 100 euros.

Alcatel 3 is among the best ultra-compact smartphones on the market. It features a 5.5” HD+ Alcatel FullView 18:9 display perfect for sharing, multitasking and viewing media. Alcatel 3’s compact design and 2.5D glass provide a clean look and comfortable one-handed use. Users can quickly and easily take selfies, launch apps and access private files easily with its fingerprint sensor. Face Key adds another layer of fast access and security with a quick scan of the face. Face Key breaks down each facial scan into over 106 data points to ensure a more reliable match, this 3D rendering technology ensures picture unlocking through a photograph is impossible.

Ideal for those that like to chat, the Alcatel 3’s 3000mAh battery provides over 25 hours of talk time, and the power needed to go all day.

I understand you are launching a new campaign in Ireland and the UK called ‘A Phone for Everyone’? Tell me about that?

We have always offered affordable tech to all but we just haven’t chosen to shout about it. We have been working towards this creative direction of offering ‘great tech at a great price’ for a long time, building the foundations and doing the groundwork to get Alcatel to number 3 in the Irish market, so we felt now was the time.

What message are you hoping to communicate to consumers throughout this campaign?

The new campaign centres around the messaging ‘A Phone for Everyone’ and as this is the first UK and Ireland lead execution for Alcatel we want to shout about what we are good at. We are smartphones for all, we believe in affordable tech, and want you to join us in being a smart shopper. There is no need to spend €1,000 on a smartphone when you can get the same technology at a fraction of the cost.

Where can we expect to see this new campaign advertised?

We ran a bus T-side campaign in Dublin this summer – alongside an extensive digital campaign.

Do you have any plans for activity through TV and National Media?

Not for 2018 but this is something we may look at when we evolve the campaign. 

Alcatel Ireland seems to be really making a play for the smartphone market.  How is the brand aiming to shake up this incredibly competitive category?

By offering affordable technology now, we have based our smartphone business around this.  The products focus on offering consumers what they want – big screens/great cameras/selfie options, great fingerprint access technology, and the ability to use/play/access their apps the way they want.   We also offer something different. We are the only brand in the world offering the fantastic 18:9 screen ratio across our whole product portfolio, which really showcases that we can promise the newest technology at an affordable cost.

What will be the key product focus for this campaign?

The Alcatel 3 series will be our key story supported by this UK and Ireland marketing campaign. We have been number three in the Irish Market for a couple of years now and to grow our market share we want to focus on the mid-range price category. All our ‘3 series’ products provide several great key experiences, including the full view 18:9 display smartcam, Face Key and fingerprint sensors all below €160. The Alcatel 3V specifically packs an impressive 6inch 2K display combined with real-time bokeh dual cameras. Priced at just €159.99, SIM-free at Tesco Mobile. Alcatel 3V means you really do a lot of bang for your buck.

How do you think Alcatel can continue to compete and increase market share in 2018?

It is a combination of things. But ultimately, it begins with product. We are making excellent handsets right now and have a 1% return rate which shows you how satisfied consumers are when they choose us.  We are also still retailing at very competitive prices, offering affordable tech for all ranges.   Our product range is diverse, accessible, and easy to use. We offer an alternative to the consumer and to those consumers who know what they want from their technology.  We simply need to continue to do this.  We also need to continue to engage and tell our product stories – at retail level and with consumers.

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