The Agile-Lean Ireland 2017 takes place in Dublin on May 6th. Tickets for the event are on sale now via

To find out more about the event and why you should attend we spoke with one of the event’s organisers, David Denham.

When is it on?

Saturday morning, May 6th

How many years has it been running?

This is our first year running a conference. This past year we created the Agile-Lean Ireland community when the 3 largest Agile meetup groups in Ireland joined forces. The meetups have been running for 3 years, and have included speakers such as Ken Schwaber (co-creator of Scrum), Jeff Gothelf (author of Lean UX) and David J. Anderson (creator of Kanban). Our community in Dublin has swelled to over 1000 members, making us one of the largest tech meetups in the country.

What was the inspiration to start it?

Quite simply, it started because we are all passionate about our craft. Our Community organisers are a mix of Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Developers and Product Owners, who all want to advance the state of our art. Being based in Dublin, which is really Europe’s tech hub right now, we could see there was a growing hunger from our meetup community for something bigger than meetups. A place which Irish and international thought leaders in Agile and Lean Thinking could gather once a year. Up until now, nothing has existed here of this type – you needed to travel to London or mainland Europe to experience an event like this. We wanted to change that 🙂 This conference will have a community feel, with an emphasis on practical hands-on learning for anyone who is working on an Agile or Lean team or interested in learning more.

What exciting things can people look forward to this year?

We have 2 internationally recognised, brilliant keynote speakers: Woody Zuill (creator of Mob Programming and #NoEstimates) and Jon Terry (co-CEO of LeanKit). Woody first coined the #NoEstimates hashtag, which has become a movement on the discussion of the value of using estimation in software development. This conversation has been long overdue in our community, particularly to address some of the dysfunctions and wastes of estimation in some contexts. It will be Woody’s first time in Ireland, so its a privilege to host a thought leader like him here. He will also be running a public Mob Programming workshop the day before our conference. Also we have lightning talks, 2 workshops, and our regular 40 minute talks cover topics such as Self Organisation, Agile Testing, Lean UX, Kanban, Agile Metrics, Lean, Leadership in Agile, and many more. In total, we will have 16 speakers spread across the morning.

What opportunities are on offer for people / startups / companies attending?

This is a massive opportunity to network with companies such as Workday, Symantec, Ammeon, LeanKit, Cucumber and many others. For example, Workday are currently hiring engineers, so if you are an application developer looking for a new challenge, this is the event to come to. We will also have a networking event directly after the conference, so a great opportunity for all to come along, make new contacts and have fun along the way! For potential sponsors, its a great opportunity to tell people about your brand and how you are involved in advancing the art of Agile and Lean.

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?

Come with a notepad, ready learn a lot, and to have fun! We did an extensive peer review on our call for speakers, so the talks we have chosen are intended to be as practical as possible – with a view to maximising take-homes for our delegates. We’ve attended too many conference where the talks were overly theoretical and there were few practical takeaways. This will not be like that. Our 2 workshops will be hands-on, and also we have quick-fire 10 minute lightning talks, which are direct and to the point about their topics. We want our attendees to come home with lots of notes, stories and tips they can start to use today.

How can people book tickets?

Tickets are on sale through our website – We currently have an offer until the end of March for half price tickets, which are only 40 euros. These tickets are selling fast, so we encourage everyone to avail of this offer.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We’d love to see you there on the day, to be part of something special.

To find out more about the event please visit

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