Today Intercom launched two-way Slack integration that will enable sales teams to respond to leads fast and on the go, without having to switch tools. I spoke to Colin Bentley, Intercom’s Director of Product Management about this and what they have planned in 2018.

Q: How is your Capture and Convert product working out?

 A: We launched Capture and Convert in September (as Live Chat for Sales) to help sales teams capture and convert more leads. It does this by solving two main pain points for sales teams – connecting with and qualifying leads.

The product is working out really well! We’ve gotten great feedback from our customers so far. We use it ourselves and have seen great results – we’ve found that visitors who chat with businesses through the Intercom messenger are 82% more likely to convert to users.

Our bot, Operator has been an important piece to Capture and Convert for our customers. Operator helps sales teams automatically qualify the value of a lead by asking them a small set of initial simple questions. This means sales teams don’t need to worry about the mundane and repetitive tasks that slow them down and can instead focus on building personal connections with high value leads, ensuring teams get in front of the highest value leads first. Again – we’ve seen the impact of this ourselves. We’ve found that one reply from a human increases conversion rate of leads to users by 50%, another reply, 100%, a quick conversation with 6 messages exchanged is a 250% increase in conversion!

Q: Can you tell our readers more about the 2 way Slack integration that you are launching? 

A: The new two-way Slack integration allows teams to respond to leads instantly from Slack. Slack has been our most popular integration for a while, and we thought it could do more to break down the barriers between sales and leads. It’s hard for businesses to manage all the conversations that are coming in from different channels and streamlining the tools teams can use to talk to leads and customers enables them to respond in real-time in a personal way.

The new integration will make it easier to convert leads without switching from one tool to the next and save time with two-way sync, so everything you do in Slack will be automatically updated in Intercom as well as all of the other tools you have synced with Intercom, such as Salesforce. You can also choose exactly what you want to be notified about in Slack with smart notifications, to avoid message overload.

At the end of the day, teams can feel confident that they won’t miss a conversation from a valuable lead or customer, even when they are on the go and don’t have Intercom or their email open.

Q: Will the Inside Intercom World Tour be back this year and will you be adding new countries and cities? 

A: We’re changing direction this year and we’re really excited about it. We loved sharing the real insight and lessons we learned building Intercom through the World Tour, but we have a lot of new ideas we want to try out. We’re going to use new mediums, we’re going to make big moves in small spaces, we’re going to up our accessibility, focus on digitalising our events and get closer to the people that use our product.

We had a great tour these past two years, focusing in 2016 on building great products and in 2017 on the success and failure of building a product company. We do plan to bring the tour back when we feel we have some brand new stories to tell and insight around them. We’re refreshing and developing a lot here at Intercom. How we spend time with our customers and folks in the industry will reflect that. We’ll have more to share on this shortly- stay tuned. 

Q: What are Intercom’s plans for 2018?

A: Our key focus this year is growth, growth, growth. We’re building our teams in Dublin, San Francisco, London, Chicago and beyond. In particular, we’re really excited about our aggressive and ambitious plans in Dublin. Dublin is the heart of our R&D machine and will continue to be as we expand and build out our team this year. The city has such has a thriving tech scene with world class talent and for us remains a central focus for the building of our products.

We’re really excited to build and grow our product and continue to solve problems for our customers. We’re eager to build and announce new tools that will continue to help our users acquire more customers. 

Q: Will Intercom be getting more involved with AI and machine learning?

A: Our product teams are always testing new ways to solve customer problems, and that includes experimenting with new technology like AI and machine learning. But our primary focus is and always will be solving our customers problem so that’s what really directs what we do.

Last August, Intercom launched our first chatbot, Operator. Operator is a key component to Capture and Convert and we’ll continue to explore how sales and marketing teams can use automation to personally connect with leads and customers. 

Q: Anything else that you would like to add? 

A: We’re hiring, so check out our careers page:

If you are interested in more info, please check out:


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