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It has been a year of change for Instagram so far. Recently they launched a new icon and a revamped interface which stripped the app back to a simple monotone black and white appearance. There is more change on the way now as Instagram is planning to launch a series of new tools for businesses and brands to the platform.

New business profiles with contact buttons and access to maps and directions are on the way as well as new analytics tools around posts. This is important as advertisers start to flock to the platform because is there is one thing advertisers need to have it is lots of data.

Screenshots of the new analytics in Instagram have been leaked by one of the product’s early beta testers. The screenshots were taken before the app was revamped so they appear with the previous app colour scheme and design. That means the shots you are looking at below will have a different visual appearance when it eventually launches.

Instagram’s analytics will be called Insights and will focus on post analytics as well as follower demographics. The follower analytics section will offer demographic details about your audience such as followers location, age and gender.

Location information will be available by country or city. The algorithmic timeline is still rolling out to users at the moment so there is no indication on when we may see Insights arriving to the app.

Insights will also allow you to track the number of followers you have gained on an hourly and daily basis. This could be helpful should you manage to strike gold and your content goes viral.

Post analytics focuses on how your Instagram content is performing and tracks data such as impressions, reach, clicks and other activity. Impressions simply refers to the number of times your post has been seen and website clicks will track the number of times the link in your bio has been clicked on.

Analytics are important for your marketing and advertising efforts. It allows you to discover where you have an online presence and where you may need to tap in to so that you can extend your reach. Analytics can also show you how fruitful past advertising campaigns have been.

The exact release date is unclear however given the testing taken place at the moment it is safe to say we could see Insights sometime over the next few months.

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