Instagram is the king of social media. People unanimously love this photo blogging platform, and marketers love the way this platform allows them to show off their newest products and offers. Instagram offers the best CTR and conversion ratio among all existing social media platforms. By now, we all know how important it is for a brand to have its website for promotional and sales purposes. The only way a brand and its marketers can reap the benefits of having an Instagram profile and a site is by creating a synergy between the two.

Bringing the two worlds together

Syncing the features of Instagram with the website is the only way for sellers to reap maximum benefit. This social media platform is unlike any other. It provides a rich collection of images, fresh content and unified data to power brand websites. Dedicated promotion pages, offer pages and new product launches; almost anything can derive new material from a rightly maintained Instagram account. The 600 million active monthly users upload over 40,000 photos daily. You can fuel your website campaigns, and design overhauls with the help of the user-generated content and from your Instagram feed.

A touch of convincing stats

Did you know? Over 51% of the Instagram users check their profiles regularly. Over 70% of the US companies will be on Instagram, using the platform for marketing and promotional purposes by the end of 2018. In fact, Instagram has long surpassed Twitter and Facebook regarding reach and ROI in the realm of digital marketing. This has inspired several marketing leaders and website designers to adapt the Insta-style and features to their design endeavors.

Start by including visible call to actions

Websites have been trying to redirect users from their Instagram accounts for years now. The only problem the users are facing is the lack of smoothness in transition. Most users expect the same level of comfort while transiting from Instagram to the website’s domain. The seamless transition needs an Instagram inspired responsive look, intuitive navigation options, and easily visible CTAs. Sites need to simplify their look and reduce the number of steps between introduction and conversion to aid the movement through the sales funnel.

It’s the time for minimalism

Instagram inspired website design calls for certain minimalism. The team of developers and designers of Instagram have always tried to keep the app design as minimal and completely functional as possible. A clutter-free design is the best way to keep the attention focused on products, prices, and CTAs. Over 38% of your website visitors are likely to leave if they cannot understand what to do next. People do not like confounding browsing and shopping experiences. To keep your navigational cue visible, you need to minimize the confusion.

Keep things mobile for everyone

Another important aspect of modern website design you need to consider is responsiveness. Instagrammers are mobile users. They check their profiles about 3 to 4 times a day on average, and you need to utilize this habit to your advantage. A responsive website design ensures another aspect of a smooth transition. When the users step off Instagram and onto your domain, they do not need to give up the mobile convenience. Your website needs to be ready for mobile users and all kinds of mobile users too. Your framework must support all operating systems and browsers. Whatever you do, do not discriminate between desktop users and mobile users on your website. Keep all the features and website elements 100% responsive and mobile display ready at all times.

Logos and widgets will tell your story too

Keep in mind to design your logos and widgets in line with the popular photo blogging app. Include Instagrammable product photos and share-worthy content throughout your site. Next, lay them next to widgets that can enable one-click sharing. Your users should be able to stay connected at all levels, at all times. They should not have to wait 2 minutes or click ten buttons to switch between your website and your Instagram view. There are several third-party applications and tools, now available that can help you optimize your site layout for all Instagram users.

Post your links, don’t leave users second guessing

Instagram allows all sellers and website owners to share their links in the profile bio section. Make full use of that opportunity and include multiple CTAs throughout the text to introduce your company URL. Now, you can also include your URL in the photo description sections. Ask your followers to click on the link. The best way to do this is to offer them a reward in return. It can be something as simple as a 10% sitewide discount or a goodie box in return for their email registration. A little gesture of reward can show your followers that you care about them. This will help build your email list, and at the same time, it will build your brand loyal followership.

The idea behind the unification of social media and website design is to leverage the unified advantages of both from a single point of use. Whether your user is checking into your website first or chancing upon your Instagram account first, they can switch between your social profile and your seller profile seamlessly. The union of Instagram and elements of website design has brought forth a new era of user experience or UX for all your current customers and potential ones. So, do not wait any longer. Hop on the design train that will lead you to a new land of seamless Instagramming and shopping experience.

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