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Instagram has been updated with five new filters for the first time in two years! Instagram has worked magic with their filters since the app was first released in 2010, filters have managed to make lower quality images taken on a smartphone look fantastic.

These are the five new filters and what they do to the appearance of your photo:

  • Slumber – Adds haze and desaturates the image with emphasis on blacks and blues
  • Crema – Adds a ‘creamy look’ to both warm and cool the image
  • Ludwig – Hint of desaturation and increases the light. It is a minimalist filter and Instagram say it was designed with the “less is more” mantra in mind
  • Perpetua – Gives a blue/green natural look
  • Aden – Gives a pastel look to photos, ideal for portraits/selfies

The tray where the filters appear has now also been personalised so that you can add, remove and edit the order of filters to how you want them to appear.

Instagram has also updated their app to allow for the ability to upload slow motion video clips (great news for those of you with new iPhones) and a perspective tool has been added for adjusting the horizontal and vertical planes of an image.

The update has also included real time commenting, this means you no longer need to refresh your feed in order to see new comments.

It has been a big year for Instagram, a rise of 50% in monthly users between March to December of this year which means now there are 300 million people on Instagram once per month. As well as that updates such as a redesigned explore tab and the much requested ability to edit captions.

Finally the introduction of Hyperlapse to create smooth time lapse videos for iOS. There have been many updates across the board this year, last year my social media new year resolution was to post more on Instagram, it did not last. Maybe next year? With all the updates to the service I am excited about where it appears to be going.

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