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Instagram have left us waiting a long time for it, however they have finally launched a new app called ‘Layout’ and it will make you want to create photo collages because it simply works and looks so well. Up to this point it has been possible to upload collages on Instagram by creating them in a third party app.

At the moment Layouts is rolling out for iOS only, Android will follow in the upcoming months. Users can select up to nine photos from their camera roll and Layout will then suggest a variety of templates to use with the photos.

You can drag and drop photos from one part of the collage to another, you can also pinch to zoom on photos in the collage or you can mirror photos in order to have a new angle on them. You can then share your photo from inside the Layout app to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Flipboard and others. However Twitter is not present as an option to share to, it is no surprise really, we all know by now there is a troubled relationship going on between those two.

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So why the sudden move to collages? Well according to Instagram, one in five users already use third party services such as Stitch in order to make collages for Instagram. Creating their own app keeps users engaged with Instagram and ultimately means they spend more time on the Instagram service either through the main app or the Layouts app.

Time will only tell if Layouts will catch on or if it will simply be the next Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse was the timelapse app released by Instagram which generated a lot of hype at the start however is now ranked at #1,355 in the U.S. App Store.

Layouts has the potential and it has the appeal, however Instagram have been beaten to the market by several years as developers have been reaping the words of collage apps. While Instagram does seem to have struck the right balance in terms of simplicity and features, time will tell if it will be enough to bring users away from third party services.

You can download the app here.

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