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Instagram has added new editing tools into their most recent update which allows you to tweak how colours look in your photos.

Fade softens all of the colours in your image “to bring a quiet tone” according to Instagram. The colour features are similar to some of the filters which are already in the app but the fade tool allows a greater range for colour adjustment than before.

Fade also comes with a slider which allows you to adjust the intensity of the editing which you are carrying out on an image.

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Colour also plays with the color tones of an image by adding different tints to a photo’s shadows or highlights. This effect doesn’t have a slider control but it can be more or less dramatic depending on the image — red or purple tints may be more noticeable on a lighter image than a darker one, for example.

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The update has also added the ability to subscribe to users that you follow. You can turn on post notifications when looking at another users profile which will allow you to get updates pushed to your phone every time that user shares a new post.

The fade and colour editing tools are rolling out over the coming days if you have not yet got them. Post notifications should now be available on both platforms.

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