By Simon Cocking, great interview with Frederique Murphy, founder of the Mountain Moving Mindset (M3) platform; Mindset Strategist and Inspirational Leadership Keynote Speaker, dual citizenship (French and Irish), and home (& heart) based in the Irish countryside. Frederique Murphy will be speaking at DES in Madrid next week. Digital Enterprise Show  Join Digital Business World Congress next 23-25 May 2017

What is your background?

My business is built on my passion: transformation, and leveraging that transformation to make it happen, whatever your “it” is. Specifically, my expertise lies in providing leaders and their organisations, with a wealth of mindset resources to help them move through extraordinary change, aka, move mountains!

By equipping them with inspiration and scientifically-based strategies, I instil beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to create lasting change. I’ve over 15 years of experience in corporate change and expertise in positive psychology, neuroscience and behaviour change, and I love helping organisations reap the benefits of tapping into the power of the mind.

What are you doing now?

 Right now, I’m being interviewed by Irish Tech News, which is super great 😉 And, this week, to give your readers a feel for what one of my weeks looks like…

This is a pre-event week, since I’m travelling to Madrid on Monday, to speak and MC at the Digital Business World Congress. So, that means that my primary focus is on the event, thus I alternate actions such as adding final touches to my speaking sessions, FaceTiming with the speakers I’m honoured to be working with as this year’s MC, to discuss their intro, outro, flow and ensure I answer any questions they might have, engaging with my M3 Power Community via my various social media channels, leveraging the upcoming event, so that both my clients and my community get continuous value.

And, of course, the business keeps on running too, so dealing with whatever is going on right now. Specifically this week, I’ve been reviewing the latest drafts of my upcoming website makeover (we are so close, we might have switched over by the time you read this!), listening to a podcast episode I was featured on as it is about to be released and I want to prep some distribution strategies, assessing & validating upcoming conferences one of my speaking agents think of submitting me for, and just as I was answering this, I’ve received by post a copy of the Success Business Magazine, featuring one of my articles on the cover!

There is never a typical week at our M3 HQs (which is by the way, one of my FAV things about having my own business!), yet, weeks in, weeks out, I’m always conscious of my actions, always aligned with the bigger picture (to avoid distractions and going off-track) and self-care, which involves, personal time (mindfulness and vitality (spinning, Irish dancing and swimming)) as well as couple time and friends & family times. The world changes constantly, and I like being grounded to be at my best to move through these changes.

How was the last 12 months, what worked well, what didn’t?

 I’ve never been asked that Q before during an interview, that’s a great one! So, thinking back over the past 12 months, the first thing that comes to mind is what a rollercoaster year it was 😉 Which is interesting as I wonder what I’d have answered a year ago, and I think that it’d actually have been the same thing! Things happened, are happening and will continue to happen, and it is about maintaining that sense of groundedness and workload alignment to continue moving forward towards that BIG picture.

It is hard to believe sometimes, as time flies by when you’re having fun, but it is my 9th year as a business owner, and over the last 12 months, I’ve shifted quite a few of my services around, to particularly grow the speaking side of it. As a mindset strategist, there are many ways I can deliver my expertise, whether I’m speaking, training, consulting, or coaching. I’ve let go of most of my 1-to-1 coaching in order to increase my speaking. And, of course, I’m forgetting (or not 😉 one more way, authoring. I’ve been asked for my Mountain Moving Mindset book for years, and still have to decide to make it a priority, so that I can put a plan in place and do it. I’m a very prolific content producer (blog posts, articles, podcasts…), so there is content, and next will be that decision.

Overall, I’m happy with how the business has evolved, from a positioning perspective as well as service offering one; how I have continued to foster my relationship with my M3 Power Community, online and offline; how my platform has continued to grow; and how I’m loving serving my clients around the world! Yes, there could have been one more podcast season of The M3 Mile and a book in the works, but I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason (even when that reason may hide from us!), and pleased to have ticked off one of my big professional (lots of personal ones too though!) bucket list items, being a TEDx speaker. I certainly look forward to the next 12 months ahead!

 You just mentioned it, and that was my next question: your TEDx was great, what inspired you to give that talk?

 Thank you Simon! You know, it still feels a bit surreal having been on that renowned red circle. It was such an honour to be invited to speak at this TEDx event (plus, it was at home, which is so rare for me to speak in Ireland!). The theme of that particular TEDx event was “The Momentum Gathering”, and I knew instantly what my ‘idea worth spreading’ would be. Mindset is such a big word, and the M3 way of handling it is facet by facet. One of the most important ones is Awareness. I can think back of the exact moment when my life changed drastically, and that moment involved a gathering of 3 moments. That inspired me, and my TEDx talk was born. A talk where I present how aligning 3 seemingly ordinary moments creates a success formula for driving extraordinary change. That’s a success formula to hit the jackpot anytime you want.

What are your plans for the future?

So, so, SO many! To list a few: launch my brand new website; release a new season of The M3 Mile podcast, author one of my M3 books (will I start with Lead Beyond The Edge, The Mountain Moving Mindset Path to Greater Productivity, Resilience and Wellbeing or Thrive On Transformation, The Mountain Moving Mindset Path to Embracing Disruption, Overcoming Resistance and Gaining Speed…?), and of course, spend even more time on stage delivering keynotes to organisations, universities and associations around the world!

What will you be talking about at DES?

 As this year’s Masterminds Congress’ Master of Ceremonies, I want to infuse a powerful and exciting energy when it comes to change and transformation, and proudly welcome you first thing on that first day as I introduce the 18,000+ visitors to a stellar cast of speakers. As a speaker, I’m keynoting at the HR Summit (Day 1, at 5.20pm, in the Inspiration Arena) and cannot wait to delivery my “Thrive On Transformation: The ‘Mountain Moving Mindset’ Path to Leading Teams Through Change” session and share how leaders can bridge the gap between the fear and the opportunity to change. I truly believe that our mindset is the key success driver to transformation, and look forward to teaching my audience how to thrive on change.

What inspired you to attend?

 George Bernard Shaw said “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” I believe it is true, my mission is after all, to inspire and equip leaders to move through extraordinary change, tapping into the power of their mind, for their organisation to reach the benefits. And, I for sure find a kindred spirit in Lluis Altes, the event’s strategy director, who invited me last year to add another dimension to the digital transformation agenda.

You’ve been before – what tips would you give to get the most out of it?

The Digital Business World Congress, as its name gives it away, is a VERY large event: imagine having 18,000+ people under the same roof all driven by Digital Transformation. It had this WOW feel about it then, and I’m sure it will be WOW again this time too. Here are my top 3 tips for you to make the most of it:

1. This is a large event, I really cannot emphasize it enough, so come in with your desired outcomes in mind. Take a few minutes before the event even starts to ask yourself what you want to get out of it? What are the challenges you are facing? Which exhibitors and booths can help you with them? Which speakers and sessions are going to inspire and offer you solutions? Once you are clear, you’ll step in through the welcome doors ready to spend an incredible 3 days focusing on digital transformation.

2. As you step in these doors, grab this year’s Visitors Guide and Programme, and browse through it; you’ll see my welcome note, as you discover the exciting Masterminds Congress programme and list of exhibitors (and maps!). Grab a pen and circle who you want to see, what you want to learn, what you want to experience, who you want to meet… and put together your agenda.

3. About 2 or 3 times per day, take a few minutes for yourself to step back and assess how you are doing with your goals; believe me, it’d be easy to come in and be swept away by the buzz of all of the booths and next thing you know you’ve spent 4 hours there, and missed out on the sessions you wanted to hear or vice versa… Be proactive, organised and focused.

And, last but not least, enjoy, and do come say hi 😉

Which influencers and websites do you follow to keep up to date with the latest developments?

 My list will probably differ from your other interviewees as while I’m primarily working with blue chips tech companies, my expertise is in the mind and the brain. So, I do keep an eye on the technology, but mainly focus on my niche, ensuring that I’m always delivering the latest science. (Here you can access my Top 10 Books, Blogs, Podcasts, Songs, and Videos). We live in such exciting times when we are discovering more about our brain in a month that we did in the previous decade, it is fascinating!

How can people find out more about what you are working on?

I LOVE to connect, which I’m sure is no surprise after having read this interview, and I’d love to invite you to visit, join our M3 Power Community (I’m about to release a brand new complimentary report, The Top 3 Mistakes Leaders Make When Driving Change (and How to Avoid Them!), and reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest & Instagram (I do handle each of these personally 😉 Thank YOU so much Simon.

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